smoking can kill you

what smoking can do

  • smoking is very bad for your health.
  • once you smoke your lungs are affected rite away
  • when your smoke 1 cigarette you already have lost 7 minutes of your life
  • also once you smoke , your blood slows down n takes a while to speed back up.
  • smoking ages your skin faster to..if your smoking in your 20's you will look like your 30 by the time u reach around 25.

this is what will happen if you smoke


smoking can gave you lung cancer mouth cancer

chemicals in cigarettes

  • rat poison is a deadly chemical that your body takes in when you smoke one cigarette
  • another poison is acetone with is a nail polish remover
  • carbon monoxide is a deadly order less gas that is very deadly


Smoking kill's twice as more people then murder

the facts about smoking

  • 8.6 million people in the united states have a serises illness that was caused by smoking
  • 1 out of 5 people die because of smoking
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this could happen to you if you start smoking

when people smoke

  • Every single day over 3,000 kids,18 or younger, had already had there first cigarette. while 1,000 teens have just started smoking at least one cigarette a day

why people smoke

  • The number one reason why people smoke is peer pressure
  • Another one is uneducated people who do not know the dangers of smoking

second hand smoking

You can die even if u have never smoked before!! once you are around someone who is smoking, you breath in the smoke that they are exhaling. That can be very deadly and will take the same toll on your health as normal smoking.To stop this from killing you,just tell them to go out side or in another room until they are done. If they will not do that,you should go out side or leave the room untill they are back.