Are You Prepared?

To be a Daddy or Mommy?

Parenting is a Lifelong Commitment

To be prepared: You'll need to love, care, protect, nurture and raise your child in the right way.

Skills Needed for Parenting

  • Financial Awareness
  • Communication Skills
  • Patience
  • Discipline
  • Ability to Multi-task

Factors that Influence Parenting

  1. Age
  2. Culture and Religion
  3. Education
  4. Gender
  5. Previous Experiences/Own Upbringing
  6. Socio-economic Status
  7. Media

Signs of Readiness For Becoming a Parent

  • Desire
  • Responsibility
  • Love of Children
  • Healthy Emotional Expression
  • Committed Partnership
  • Surrender

The Wrong Reasons for Having a Child

  1. Eager Grandparents
  2. Partner Pressure
  3. Time Running Out
  4. Avoid Loneliness
  5. Careers
  6. Saving a Relationship
  7. To Get Someone Committed