how to survive in the wild


why would i need a knife

I will need a knife because if im walking thru a pack of woods and i could just cut them as i walk.

why would i need some water

I would need some water if i don't wanna drink the wild water or it might be contaminated and gross with animals

why would i need a first aid kit

I would need a first aid kit if i fall down a hill or cut myself and i could put a band aid over it so it won't be infected.

why would i bring my own food

If i was staying in the woods for at lease 3 days i would wanna bring my own food because there might not be nothing for u to eat or you might be allergic to it. ~But if you are in there for a week then i would not bring my own food i would eat the wild food.

why would i bring a flashlight

I would bring a flashlight incase it get's dark and you are trying to find a place to sleep you can see what's coming or what to be aware of.

how to act

you will need to act like u got some sense and be really calm because if u wanna catch a deer u would have to be really calm because deer are scared of u and if you are being loud you are not gonna get something to eat u will just be hungry unless u brought your own lunch.

what to do when u see something being eatin

if u see a bear or deer eating don't scare it just be aware and walk calmly away because if u don't you will be eatin.