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Congratulations to PSJA ECHS Teachers & Students

MackinVIA is taking off strong at PSJA ECHS

Thank you teachers for using MackinVIA with your students, the use of these resources serve as a vehicle to help students learn content knowledge as well as problem solving and higher-level thinking. When your students go to MackinVIA for articles, journals, or any information while researching your students get creditable and reliable information.The library offers students increased access to knowledge and innovative opportunities. We have a sign in sheet for you to bring in your classes when you are ready for your students to work on research papers and projects. Stop by the library so we can get you signed up to use the computer lab.

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Teen Read Week™ is a national adolescent literacy initiative created by the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA). Its purpose is to encourage teens to be regular readers and library users. This year theme is "Unleash your Story" , students stopped by the library all week long to participate in several activities. Teen Read Week kicked off with a Book Club Luncheon with over 80 new students added to the Book Club, and throughout the week, we spotlighted many activities with great resources to help teens build literacy skills while reading for the fun of it. On Friday teachers were invited to checkout a class set of books in return they would get free hot chocolate or coffee for one whole week.

(Dimension 1: Learners and educators use information to effectively accomplish a specific purpose; they also access and evaluate print and digital resources for their inquiry needs, academic needs, and/or personal needs.)

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Special shout out to our teachers for leading the way and making literacy important in the classroom at PSJA ECHS. During the 2nd six weeks teachers were asked to read a book before introducing the book to their students. When reading is made relevant for students in the classroom, they are more likely to become engaged and competent readers. Thank you teachers....#BEARSREAD

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World Kindness Day

November 13th is designated as World Kindness and on this day people around the world are encouraged to be kind to others. Today our teachers were treated to some special treats in the library. We are so THANKFUL for all our staff members at PSJA ECHS... #BESTLIBRARY
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Thank goodness for National Chocolate Day!!

Everyone loves chocolate and for National Chocolate Day in the library we had lots of fun. National Chocolate Day is a day dedicated to all things chocolate. Our students and teachers were treated to some delicious krispy kreme chocolate donuts and hot chocolate. Students also had an opportunity to checkout a book from our list of brand new novels in the library
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Second six weeks students are introduced to different genres in the library, one of which is the mystery/scary books for October activities. A good book has the ability to delight its reader to a completely new world through vivid descriptions, a cast of captivating characters, and a plot so compelling you're reluctant to put it down. In addition, if horror novels are your thing, you'll know that the greatest part of reading a scary book is the choice you have to put it down if it gets to be too much! So many students found the scary books display and activity a bit exciting.

(STRAND 3: Reading – School library programs promote reading as an essential skill for learning, personal growth, and enjoyment which are essential skills for college, career, and community. Dimension 1: The library encourages students to read a variety of literature for information and pleasure. )

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Today our students Angela Espinoza & Giovanna Gallegos hosted a capstone event, to target insecure teenagers. The topic covers ”beauty standards”. The girls held an awesome event where they shared confidence with insecure high school students. One of the main focuses is to remind students that everyone is beautiful in their own way. Angela and Giovanna issued out uplifting quotes, pamphlets, candies, and a rose to symbolize that we all should let our unique beauty blossom. Thank you to everyone that showed up to this capstone event. Great job Angela & Giovanna your event was a huge success.
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Reading made your free book app to your phone for easy reading

In the library students get a training on how to explore our school’s eBooks on an iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone with the MackinVIA Reader, open ebooks app and Brain Hive app in MackinVIA an easy-to-use app that’s fully integrated with the MackinVIA Backpack. The MackinVIA Reader gives you instant access to your eBook checkouts and downloads. And you’re always one tap away from searching your school’s MackinVIA for more titles.

(STRAND 4: Digital Learning - Effective school libraries are a vital hub with equitable access to emerging technologies which provide curated and open access to a variety of print and digital resources. They support best instructional practices and curriculum standards through the integration of resources while assessing the impact on student learning. Dimension 1: The library program effectively uses and promotes the use of)

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Students get help in the library to prepare for college. Testing & Education Reference Center is just another valuable online tool students can use for TSI , ACT ,SAT, ASVAB test, researching , undergraduate and graduate programs. Students also get help in the library with resumes , cover letters , interviewing and more. Students are better prepared for the next level at PSJA ECHS.

(Dimension 1: The library program effectively uses and promotes the use of technology applications and tools across all content areas for discovery, collaboration, critical analysis, creation, and presentation of learning.)


If you're serious about joining the military, then get serious about the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB).The ASVAB is a timed multi-aptitude test administered by the United States Military. Students can start now by taking our practice ASVAB tests in the library using our resources, scoring high on the ASVAB will require study and concentration. During the lunch hour we have had a great amount of students coming to the library to work on the ASVAB practice test. The first administered official ASVAB test over 70 students pass the test. Teacher's please allow and encourage your students to stop by the library to get help on accessing practice ASVAB tests.


MackinVIA gives you access to digital resources in TERC for online practice exams for the TSI exams. Help your students pass the TSI exam when using MackinVIA with free TSI practice tests. You will find resources to prepare for the TSI exam along with 3 practice test. Students create an account before logging in


Drop in with your technology questions during the week. Every Tuesday during your lunch or conference I can help you with eBooks, tablets, Windows 10, Microsoft Office, Library online resources, internet searching and more! Use the lab computers or bring your own device. No registration required. Stop by to see me so I can help you with all your technology questions.

Parent Meeting in the Library

We had a great turn out in the parent's meeting with our counselors in the library. The main topic of the presentation was on high school graduation requirements , endorsements , associates degrees , certificates. TSI and other important testing. It was nice to see close to over 100 parents attending the meeting. #BEARFAMILY


We have over 150 students in line ready to walk into the library doors each day during both lunches to use the lunch time to relax, read a book, meet up with friends and work on completing assignments.. The library is a place where we want students to discover how to use the library and all its resources as we also motivate them to read. Books are exciting and our goal is to connect books together with students…

(Dimension 4: The school library program is a central element of the school through its impact on student achievement, digital literacy, and school/culture.)

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Book Buddies in the Library

To keep students motivated to reading the library offers a little motivation and rewards. For every book students checkout to read and test they get a chance to win some nice prizes. Ipad mini, eReaders , Letterman jackets , Famous Bear mug and great gift cards from favorite restaurants. Take a look at our 2nd six weeks winners....

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Congratulations to the following students 2nd six weeks Winners

Karina Rangel - Ipad

Juan Carlos Soto - Letterman jacket

Yania Saavedra - Bear Mug

Christopher Gonzalez - Giftcard


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Upcoming Events......

Upcoming Technology Training's:

Google Classroom

Senior Capstone Projects

MackinVia Resources

Student Email- reset passwords

PowerPoint/SWAY/Adobe Sparks - great tools for student projects

TSI practice tests

* Teachers stop by the library to signup your classes for Technology Training's