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30th Annual Tallahassee International Art Exhibit

Art in Tallahassee

The Tallahassee International is an annual juried competition sponsored by the Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts and juried by faculty from the College of Fine Arts. The competition is open to artists worldwide, and after much consideration, 77 works by 40 artists were selected for the exhibition. The pieces chosen represent a wide array of contemporary work, encompassing all art forms from traditional to unconventional.


Use the worksheet from class to complete the 8 prompts and submit to teacher by 10/9/15.

Q1 How do COLOR and CONTRAST contribute to your reaction to the overall impact of the painting?

Ancestors, John Cooksey, oil on canvas
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Q2 Describe your interpretation of the painting.

Loft, by Johnathan Hall

What is the meaning the artist may have intended from the ladder and black dark portal?

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Q3 How are the two artists, Taves and Diebenkorn, seeing landscape differently or alike?

Q4 Redraw this image in three different compositions and each with a different color background..

You can change scale, line weight, and/or object placement.

How do your compositions change the center of interest or focal point?

Does color changing in the background compete or support the designs you created?

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Q5 Movement-Take a series of 3 photos showing the technique the photo artists used for abstraction and movement.

Motion blur is frequently used to show a sense of speed. You can artificially achieve this effect in a usual scene using cameras with a slow shutter speed.



Q 6 Sculpture-Compare Use of Line

Write about how the artworks are alike or different in use of organic line.

Draw a line composition for an abstract organic sculpture inspired by nature

and made of wire.

Q7 Sculpture- Using Familiar Objects

The artist used objects in the artworks from everyday life.

Design a "favorite food inspired" sculpture that could be created from clay and includes repeated forms.

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Teagather, Ling Chun, clay, luster

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Ling Ling’s, Ling Chun, clay, plastic package, wooden frame

Q8 Choose a portrait from the ones below, discuss the mood of the portrait.

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