ÉPK Weekly

Challenge Accepted

Le novembre 27 - décembre 1, 2017

Cette Semaine à ÉPK

  • Faith in Action (8:50am in the gym) Everyone is welcome to join us.


  • Club Moo (for those who ordered milk)

  • Father Jim will be visiting the school at 10:45am

  • ATB Bank grand opening at 11:30am in the gym

  • Maker space/Learning common committee meeting at 5pm in the staff room

  • School Council Meeting at 7pm in the library (Learning session on Building Resilience in Children with Carley Borza)



  • Belt looming (Ceinture Fléchée) in the library at 11am
  • Club Moo (for those who ordered milk)
  • Perogie Order Pick Up at the school between 4pm and 6pm


  • Hot Lunch for those who ordered
  • Kindergarten for Tuesday/Thursday classes.


  • First Sunday of Advent

Lundi (le 4 décembre)

  • Faith in Action (8:50am in the gym)

Faith, French, Family!

La Foi, Le Français, La Famille!

School Council Corner

  • Next School Council Meeting: Tuesday, November 28th at 7:00 p.m. Learning Session: Building Resilience in Children with Carley Borza
  • Club Moo program is in desperate need for volunteers. Can you space 30 minutes on Tuesday and Thursday's to deliver milk to the classrooms (with the help of some awesome students)? Please contact our Club Moo coordinator, Natalie Lavigne at pchefnatalielavigne@outlook.com
  • Playground Replacement Project: We are looking for more committee members. We are hoping to have our first meeting after the fall break. Email epkparentcouncil@gmail.com to learn more or participate in the committee
  • Secretary Needed: We are looking for a Secretary to join the EPK School Council. Responsibilities: Attend meetings, record the minutes and finalize them. Click here for meeting dates. Please email Natalie at natalie.wallace@yahoo.ca if you are interested in learning more about the position.
  • Perogie Order Pick Up: Prairie Perogy orders come in this Thursday (Nov. 30)! Ensure your order is picked up at school between 4pm and 6pm. The food is frozen and the school has nowhere to store them, so all orders MUST be picked up on Thursday.

Upcoming Events

4 décembre

  • Faith in action (8:50am in the gym) Everyone is welcome to join us

5 décembre

  • Father Raj or Father Jim is coming to visit at 10:45-11:45am
  • Club Moo (for those who ordered milk)

6 décembre

  • Early dismissal (Classes are over at 2:09pm) please make arrangements
  • Journée d'espirt - Show your ÉPK Spirit by dressing "Christmasy"

7 décembre

  • Club Moo (for those who ordered milk)
  • Peer partners at lunch (where students from École OLPH come and visit)

8 décembre

  • Hot lunch from Extreme Pita for those who ordered

10 décembre

  • Second Sunday of Advent

11 décembre

  • Grade 1 Advent practice (10am)
  • Grade 3 Advent practice (1pm)
  • Grade 1 Advent concert (tickets required, 6pm)
  • Grade 3 Advnet concert (tickets required, 7:15 pm)

12 décembre

  • Kindergarten Advent Concert - All classes (10am)
  • Club Moo (for those who ordered milk)
  • ATB Bank - Open for deposits at lunch
  • Grade 2 Advent practice (1pm)
  • Grade 2 Advent Concert (tickets required, 6pm)
  • Grade 4 Advent Concert (tickets required, 7:15pm)

13 décembre

  • Grade 4 Advent practice (10am)
  • Kindergarten (All Classes) Advent Concert (tickets required, 6pm)

14 décembre

  • Club Moo (for those who ordered milk)

15 décembre

  • Kindergarten Tuesday/Thursday have classes today
  • Hot Lunch from Wild Wing for those who ordered

17 décembre

  • Third Sunday of Advent

18 décembre

  • Faith in Action (8:50am in the gym) everyone welcome to join us

19 décembre

  • Rocks and Rings (we're learning about curling today)
  • School Council Meeting (7pm in the library)

21 décembre

  • Club Moo (for those who ordered lunch)
22 décembre
  • Last day of classes before Christmas Break

24 décembre

  • Fourth Sunday of Advent

25 décembre


8 janvier

  • Welcome back