Let's Get Writing

Time to put your topic down on paper......or a computer?

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-Practiced reading and performing rhythms

-Learned about different genres of music

-Choose a topic to write about

-Choose a genre to use for adding music

-brainstormed writing ideas

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Exactly, which is why next week you will be submitting your speech piece!

You will be able to review the rubric and see exactly how you will be graded in your next Posted Lesson. This way you will be prepared to share your speech piece with our class.
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You are writing your 4 lines for your speech piece on the topic you picked. So you get to be a lyricist (or poet) if you like :)

Just focus on the words, no rhythms or background music yet. We will be working on rhythms and music this week during Virtual Lesson!

Here are 3 options to begin your typing:

  1. Google Drive - Create a Google Doc to save online in your Google account.
  2. Microsoft Word - Create a document and save to your computer.
  3. Libre Office Writer - Create a document to save to your computer.
***If you need any help at all getting started, please contact me so I can assist you over the phone or in Lesson Help.