Resource Push-in Model

Informational Session-January 14, 2016

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The elimination of a modified version of the state assessment prompted discussion regarding exposure to grade-level TEKS. Also, research suggests special education students make more academic gains when their learning environment is inclusive. Social and academic pros and cons were explored before arriving at the decision to place resource students in the general education setting for 45 minutes daily.

General Education Teachers and Resource Teacher Responsibilities

  • Teacher of record is responsible for entering grades
  • Joint grading defined in IISD Special Education Handbook


  • Collaborative and completed during PLC if possible
  • Plans are shared via Google docs
  • Followed as planned with minimal adjustments to ensure optimal learning in gen ed setting
  • Plans will include modifications to grade-level work and accommodations planned for resource students

  • Resource students will have necessary materials in the resource and gen ed setting


  • Both teachers are responsible for ensuring the plan determined appropriate by the ARD committee is carried in the instructional setting

Instruction in the Resource Setting

The resource teacher will focus specific IEP objectives, AIPs and intervention during the 45 minutes.

Instruction in the General Ed Setting

The resource and gen ed teachers serve as co-teachers for the resource students. The resource student is exposed to grade-level TEKS modified to the individual students' abilities.

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