LaCocoDots December and 2013 KUDOS!

Celebrating the LaCocoDots Success!

WOW! We ended the year with a bang! What an incredible month of sales and success in December, in Q4 (Oct-Dec) and in the whole YEAR!!! Our team is made up of so many amazing women, each with a different goal and WHY for being a stylist. My sincere hope is that you got a sweet taste of success in 2013 as defined by YOUR terms- because that is what matters most. The numbers below are truly impressive and are beyond worthy of celebration- but they are not the only measure of success. If you stepped out of your comfort zone this year, reached or exceeded your goals, were able to do extra because of your earnings, beat your best, provided for your family, promoted, earned incentives or simply felt more confident-- I applaud you!! Here's to 2014-- I CAN'T WAIT to see what happens next!!!!

Top Sales- December

Congrats to all these amazing women who sold $2308 or more and earned their volume rebate for December!

1. Susan Carruth, Morganton GA $8094.88

2. Roxanne Harrell, Chicago IL $6990.22

3. Amanda Shaw, Franklin NC $6733.27

4. Alissa Turnbull, Smyrna GA $6629.83

5. Lindsey Hermida, Smyrna GA $6297.41

6. Ashley Bardash, Columbia SC $5168.23

7. Katy Barnes, Atlanta GA $4503.85

8. Whitney Davidiuk, Jacksonville FL $3762.11

9. Catherine Eck, Chattanooga TN $3431.94

10.Rebecca DiMartino, Turnersville NJ $3406.43

11. Laura Franco, Chicago IL $3051.69

12. Carolyn Barnes, Cumming GA $2973.93

13. Anna Sample, Cave Creek AZ $2970.23

14. Shana Haag, Milton GA $2933.3

15. Lindsay Green, Atlanta GA $2667.95

16. Dana Palumbo, Sewell NJ $2605

Welcome New Stylists!!

A huge welcome goes out the the new stylists who joined us in December!! We wish you the best of luck with your new business and your team is here to support you along the way!

Ellen Raymond, sponsored by Alissa Turnbull

Megan Albidrez, sponsored by Christi Turner

December Promotions!!

Wrap Up The Season Winners!!!!

Our team earned $27,050 in free product credit for the new line from the WUTS Challenge!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's a lot of free products!!!!

Level 1- $350 Free Product Credit-
Lauren Train, Caroline Kirkman, Allison Walker, Sophie Cox, Beth Okun, Pamela Davies, Mandy Burger, Marti Neville, Sherry Sawicki, Kim Naccarato, Elizabeth Ethridge, Jennifer Ferensick, Danielle Maglione,

Shannon Harrington, Gina Nelson, Jennifer Ellis, Jennifer Maddox, Victoria Kennedy, Rebecca DiMartino, Brooke Jacobs, Jenny Harper, Mary Howells, Jaclyn Frear, Hayley Buckner, Victoria Stamey, Chelsea Cozart

Level 2- $600 Product Credit-

Aimee McDonald, Anna Sample, Lindsay Green, Christi Turner, Betul Baykal, Heather Carroll, Dana Palumbo, Jacquelyn Weed, Catherine Eck

Wrap Up the Season Top Sellers

Congrats to all our stylists who sold $10,000 or more from October through December!! That's a LOT of trunk shows and holiday business!!

Susan Carruth $26,919 (WOW!!!), Katy Barnes $20,732, Lindsey Hermida $17,438, Roxanne Harrell $17,378, Laura Franco $14,869, Carolyn Barnes $14,722, Amanda Shaw $14,395, Alissa Graves $14,270, Karla Woods $11,121, Whitney Davidiuk $10,400

2013 In Review

Can you believe that our team sales in 2013 totaled $1,175,067?!?!? That is AMAZING!!!

And our team grew by 101 new stylists!!! Here's a look at your top 25 Sellers for 2013-- any surprise that the #1 Seller is the amazingly talented Susan Carruth?!?!

1.Susan Carruth $76,678

2.Lindsey Hermida $52,336

3.Carolyn Barnes $51,085

4.Alissa Turnbull $44,853

5.Roxanne Harrell $44,013

6.Katy Barnes $43,463

7.Amanda Shaw $36,615

8.Julie Foster $32,996

9.Ashley Bardash $32,264

10.Karla Woods $28,498

11.Lauren Train $24,191

12.Lindsay Green $21,592

13.brooke nix $21,588

14.Laura Franco $19,121

15.Sherry Sawicki $18,658

16.Catherine Eck $18,563

17.Christi Turner $18,049

18.Hannah Hendley $16,985

19.Whitney Davidiuk $16,883

20.Shana Haag $16,528

21.Jenny Harper $15,248

22.Beth Okun $12,758

23.Mandy Burger $12,598

24.Rebecca DiMartino $11,695

Here's to a Beautiful 2014!!

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LaCocoDots Team

Katy Barnes, Independent Stylist and Director