It is a game for two or four people


Sports like tennis is practiced on a much smaller runway where two players or two couples face; is to drive the wheel, small ball-shaped and half-sphere with feathers on its flat side, using a lightweight, long-handled racket over a network located at a height of 150 cm; Games are played to three sets of 15 points each.
Unlike other racket sports, for badminton is not played with a ball, but with a flyer or fly.
Players must hit with their rackets so that it crosses the track above the net and falls into the opponent sector. The point ends when the ball touches the ground, after passing the network.
Badminton is an Olympic sport since 2000


To play badminton is necessary to have two rackets at least one wheel and a network.


The Badminton World Championship is the ultimate badminton competition worldwide, along with the Olympic Games. It was established in 1977, and its first edition was held in Malmo (Sweden). Until then, the All England was considered as the most important competition in the world.

They are organized by the Badminton World Federation (BWF, former IBF), annually since 2006 (except for the years in which they held the Olympic Games) and by 2006 every odd year. From 1989-2001 championships disputed immediately after the Sudirman Cup and at the same venue.


Badminton World Federation is the institution dedicated to regulate the rules of Badminton at a competitive level, as well as periodically to celebrate competitions and events in each of their disciplines.
It is headquartered in the city of Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Account in 2010 with the affiliation of 165 national federations from all five continents.


Pablo Abián

(Calatayud, Spain, 1985) He is a badminton player who has participated in the Olympics twice (Beijing 2008 and London 2012), silver medal at the Mediterranean Games in 2013.

Nicolás Escartín
(Huesca, Spain, August 19, 1980) is a badminton player of Spain.

Manuela Diaz
(Arjonilla, Jaén, Spain) is a Spanish player Badminton, Badminton Club member Benalmádena. In 2014 it was proclaimed champion of Spain with Alejandro Toro in the mixed doubles mode.

Carolina Marin
(Huelva, Spain, June 15, 1993) is a Spanish player of badminton world champion and Europe in 2014, in the form of women's singles. In 2014, he becomes world champion.


In my town there is no badminton team.
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