The Low Down on Essential Omega3

Alisha Wilkins

To sum up the article...

This article digs deep into the studies behind Omega 3 fatty acids and the role they play in one's diet. The article first introduces the way people can receive this nutrient and the meaning behind an essential nutrient. It claims that an essential nutrient must be obtained by consuming through your diet since the body does not produce it itself. It then refers to the three types of Omega 3's ( eicosapentaenoic acid, or EPA, and docosahexanoic acid, or DHA ; and alpha-linolenic acid, or ALA) and their main roles in the body- the main functions being supporting heart health and reducing inflammation. This article gives the reader many sources of Omega 3 with salmon being the most commonly known and best source. It also talks about the impact on health and how the consumption can reduce risk for diseases such as cardiovascular disease. This would be a great article for someone looking to improve heart health and get an inside on the importance of this essential fatty acid.

Article Critique

The author of this article is named Marisa Moore. At the end of the article, it gives some of her credentials and degrees she has. It says she has her MBA, RDN, and LD licensure and with this information, I believe she is a good source for this information. It also says she teaches a nutrition coarse at Georgia State University. Since the author has her RDN, it shows that she is a dietitian and is knowledgeable in aspects of nutrition which would lead me to believe that she knows what she is talking about and would not fabricate information given in this article.

This article was extremely well-written. It was written in a way that was easy to follow for the audience and provided a lot of insight on Omega 3 in simple terms. It gave a great deal of factual information as well, a lot of the information correlated with what we learned in class this semester. The way the article was broken up made it easy to follow since it broke up into specific sections about different aspects such as health impact and sources of Omega 3. A lot of the information was set out to provide insight on how to incorporate omega 3 into your diet and made it simple for people who have no idea about what Omega 3 is to be able to understand it and have the desire to take advantage.

Lastly, this article is a part of a website that focuses solely on nutrition and health. I believe this is a good aspect because it has several articles to choose from and shows that the authors of many articles are qualified to speak about the information about nutrition. I believe if this article came from a website that had a very diverse range of articles, it would lead to bias and would not seem as factual for the readers. All-in-all, I thought this was a very helpful article for those interested in Omega 3 fatty acids and I believe it is a great, reliable source to retrieve information from.

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