Reproductive Health

By Zachary Zellak

Health Evaluations

There are many different ways to tell if you have some form of cancer. For example there is the Mammogram, Pap smears, testicular exam, and the Prostate exam. The Mammogram is to check for breast cancer in women that have no signs of it. Women at the age of about 50 but as young as 45 should be getting a mammogram every year. Pap smears is test that helps out doctors figure out if any problems occur in a girls cervix. They can detect problems and infections including abnormal cells that could form into cancer if they are not treated. Women from 21-29 should get a pap test every 3 years. Bump up the ages to 30-64 and you should be getting a pap and HPV together through a span of 5 years. Testicular exams are a way for a guy to personal check for any abnormal bumps which could be a sign of testicular cancer. Guys from ages 15-35 should self-check every month. A Prostate exam can help detect cancer in early stages resulting in a better chance to live. It is recommend that men 40-70 years of age get tested every year.