Parent Peek at the Week

Week of March 8th, 2021

Important Dates

Monday, March 8th - Day 1


Tuesday, March 9th - Day 2

  • Last block - Constable Fish doing the VIP program in Cheryl and Autumn’s classes

Wednesday, March 10th - Day 3

Thursday, March 11th - Day 4

  • 2:30pm - The Great Big Crunch (see below)
  • Cougar Courage Awards

Friday, March 12th - Day 0

  • Board designated holiday - Happy Long Weekend everyone!

First Ever FREE Virtual Family Paint Night!! - FINAL DEADLINE!!!!

Thanks to funding provided by a government Parent Reaching Out Grant, along with additional financial support from School Council and the school, we are thrilled to offer our first ever Kawartha Heights Virtual Family Paint Night!

This online evening event is open to all face-to-face, as well as online Kawartha Heights students and their families.

Date: Tuesday, April 20th, 2021

Time: 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Resources: You will need to have some kind of technology (computer, laptop, tablet) in order to be able to connect to the virtual Paint Night. Each participant will be provided with a full paint kit including canvas, paint and paint brush in order to participate. Kits will be available for pick up at the school, the week prior to the event.

PLEASE NOTE: Although we have received some grant money for this event so there is no cost to participants, the kits are expensive at $7.00 each, so please only indicate those family members who you are sure will participate in the event.

Here is the link to register for the event:

Registration has been extended until Monday at 4pm. This is the last chance!

Yard Area Changes

As you are aware, part of ensuring our classes don't cross-cohort is defining separate yard areas at recess for each class. We change up these areas every 4 - 6 weeks, as there are some areas that are much more popular than others! Here are the new areas that will be in place starting tomorrow:


Pavement - Baker

Upper Hill/Shade shelter - Landry

Far Yard (baseball diamond) - Ross

Far Yard (tree/hill) - Howson


Pavement - Tourloukis

Upper Hill/Shade shelter - Rutherford

Far Yard - Beaton

COVID Protocol Clarifications

I know all the Protocols are confusing....and they do change from time to time! Here are a few items of clarification, based on the questions I get asked the most frequently:

- Pretty much all symptoms of illness are COVID symptoms, with the exception of a sore stomach. When your child indicates they aren't feeling well at school, we go through a protocol to determine which symptoms are of concern before calling you.

- When a student is sent home with ONE COVID symptom, their siblings must also be sent home. This will mean that your children will not be able to return to school the next day, as it wouldn't be possible to get a COVID test and results or an alternate diagnosis that quickly.

- Families are NOT required to provide any documentation of a negative COVID test or alternate diagnosis - it is the honour system.

- Staff are expected to follow the same protocol. If we have one COVID symptom, we also have to remain home in quarantine until we have a negative test or an alternate diagnosis.

If you have any further questions, please let me know. If you have a question, others will too and I can include answers in future Parent Peeks at the Week.

Domino's Pizza Fundraiser

This year School Council has found fundraising challenging due to all the COVID regulations...but we have found a wonderfully yummy one for you!

On March 24, 2021, Domino's Pizza is supporting our school in a Pizza fundraising night. Please see the flyer below for more information - and plan on NOT cooking that night, in support of Kawartha Heights!

Big picture

The Great Big Crunch

Once a year, schools throughout Canada celebrate healthy eating by participating in an initiative called The Great Big Crunch.

THE GREAT BIG CRUNCH is a national movement and annual moment of anti-silence in which students, teachers, parents and others passionate about food join the food movement and crunch into apples (or other crunchy fruit or vegetable) to make noise for healthy school food! Every year since 2008, Canadians from coast to coast have participated in the Great Big Crunch, an original initiative of FoodShare Toronto.

This event will take place on Thursday, March 11th at 2:30pm - when we all will take a "great big crunch" out of apples together (provided by the school).

If you're interested in learning more, please check out the following website:

Drop Off/Pick Up Concerns

As you are aware, we continue to struggle with congestion at drop off and pick up times. I receive weekly emails from families expressing safety concerns. We take safety VERY seriously at Kawartha Heights, but in this case we need your help!

Starting this week, we will be piloting the use of large, orange cones in the no parking areas close to the entrance of the upper parking lot. Please respect these cones - if there is no parking in the lot or on the street, please consider parking in the large commercial lot across from the school and crossing the road with the crossing guard.

We will be discussing traffic concerns at our next School Council meeting on April 6th. Please consider joining our virtual meeting if you have ideas or suggestions on how we can continue to improve drop off and pick up safety for our community.

From the KPR Board Office.....

Dear KPR Families,

Welcome to March. Every step closer to spring is worth celebrating!

This month marks several important dates. While March Break moves to April in Ontario schools this year, our students and staff still have a holiday from school on Friday, March 12.

To mark Black Mental Health Week March 1-7, we have posted new resources about anti-Black racism and its harmful effects on mental health; please visit Mental Health Resources ( We also recognize International Women’s Day on March 8, and both World Down Syndrome Day and International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on March 21. All are timely reminders of our ongoing focus on respect, dignity, acceptance and inclusion for all.

March also is National Social Work Month, and I offer my sincere thanks to our mental health clinicians. They are always there to support students and staff, and their assistance in difficult times is unparalleled. We acknowledge with sincere appreciation their ongoing work in supporting our students and schools every day.

Please see below for some more KPR updates.

Stay well.

Rita Russo
Director of Education


Asymptomatic testing
Voluntary asymptomatic testing clinics operated by LifeLabs begin this week for students, families and staff who have no COVID symptoms. Clinics will be held evenings or weekends on a rotating basis, and secondary schools will often serve as the location for these clinics, with students and families from associated elementary feeder schools invited to attend. All schools will be offered a testing opportunity at some point. School communities who have had positive cases recently and rural schools with limited access to testing will be prioritized in the schedule. When testing is scheduled for your school community, detailed information about these clinics will be shared directly from your school. Participation is voluntary.

Virtual Learning Transfers
Elementary families have until 4 p.m. this Friday to transfer their child from in-person learning to Virtual Elementary School (VES). Interested families must register at by March 5. New VES students will start virtual classes March 22.

This will be the last opportunity to join the elementary virtual school for the remainder of the school year. Students may transfer from the VES back to in-person learning for the remainder of the year if there is available classroom space.

Secondary families: the final quadmester of 2020-21 begins April 19. Students wishing to move to Virtual High School or back to in-person learning must contact their home school Guidance department between March 15-25.

COVID-19 Safety Reminders
Before going to school each morning, please self-screen for signs of illness at

  • Stay home if you have even one new or worsening symptom listed in the screening tool. You can return to school once you receive a negative test result or alternative diagnosis from a health care provider, or 10 days after your symptoms began, if you feel better.
  • All adults and siblings living in the same household with someone who has COVID symptoms must self-quarantine. They cannot return to school until the person with symptoms receives either a negative COVID test result or alternative diagnosis.

Important Dates
March 5 – Online portal closes at 4 p.m. for Virtual Elementary School transfers
Friday, March 12 – Board-designated holiday
March 15-25 – Guidance departments take requests to transfer to/from Virtual High School
March 22 – First day of school for new VES students
April 2-5 – Easter Weekend, schools closed
April 12-16 – New March Break
April 19 – Final quadmester starts in high schools

One more thing....

Sometimes during these challenging times, we become focused on what we can't do and what is cancelled. Here is a reminder that there are still LOTS of great things going on in our lives (and at Kawartha Heights!).

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