Gay Rights/ Marriage

By: Elizabeth Fabiano

Outside of America

All around the world each year more countrys are legalizing gay Mariage.
  • 1970 the fight for same- sex marriage outraged
  • 2001 Netherlands was the first country to legalize gay marriage
  • 2005- Belgium, Canada, Spain
  • 2009- Sweden, parts of Mexico
  • 2010- Argentina, Iceland, Norway, Portugal, south Africa
  • 2015- Brazil, Denmark, France, Greenland etc.
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Set Backs

  • Jack Baker and James McConnell applied for a marriage license but was denied. After it was denied they tried to sue the supreme court.
  • in 1961 workers in Stonewall inn (gay bar) rioted after the police raided the bar
  • People would not let gay people give blood because they thought they had disease
  • some ban because of cultural or religious reasons
  • supporters believed it was violating the Fourteenth Amendment " equal protections of the law
The Gay Rights Movement

In the US

  • President Obama was the first president to support gay marriage
  • Vermont was the first state to support same-sex marriage
  • Some countries and American states allowed same sex couples to enter domestic partnerships
  • marriage was first up to the states
  • Polls show that younger Americans are more supportive to gay rights
  • 1996 poll- only 20 percent supported it
  • Ban on gay marriage-considered unconstitutional by supporters
  • 2012- Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York

  • Eventually on June 15th 2015 Gay marriage was legalized in all of America.

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