Welcome to Hayman Island Australia!

Come visit us in Hayman Island, Australia way down under.

Featuring The Great Barrier Reef

Hayman Island has a private sanctuary with amazing nature and wildlife. It is tranquil and has amazing beauty, it is the Great Barrier Reef!

Fun Activities for Friends and Family!


Australia's capital is Canberra. It has a population of 22,620,600. Most of Australia is flat land and not suitable for farming so most of Australia's population live near the coast. Their official language in English. Australia's government is Federation, Parliamentary system, Constitutional Monarchy. The whether in Australia is warm. So be sure to back plenty of shorts! Some site that are must sees in Australia are the Sydney Opera House located in Sydney, Australia. Another one is Uluru/Ayers Rock, it is the world's largest monolith. 348 meters high most of it is still underground! Lastly is Castle Hill in Townsville, Queensland. It is a huge pink granite rock, similar to Uluru. If you are looking for some fun family friendly entertainment you can go see surfing contests held at the coast, with other water activities and contest, and even camel races! There is also a lot of original hand made aboriginal dot art.