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Term 2 Week 3 2022

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Hello, Kia ora, Chomreabsour, Mālo ni, Ni hao, Kia orāna, Talofa lava, Namaste, Hola, Hallo, Chào bạn, Bula Vinaka, Kumusta, Guten Tag, Mālō e lelei , An-nyeong-ha-se-yo, greetings to all our School Families.

From the Principal’s Desk

Kia ora Tātou

Our Winter Olympics Team has been out and about selling chocolates to fundraise for their Sports Camp. They are doing an awesome job and we are all just about sold out!! Get in quick if you are still wanting some. Thank you to everyone that has supported this. At the end of the term and in the first couple of weeks of Term 3 we will be doing an Oxford Pie Fundraiser, we will let you know closer to the time. Just keep it in mind!.

Last and not least, this week I must say thank you for being in a partnership with us. We are fortunate to be part of such a supportive and caring community. Have a great week and stay safe.

Ngā mihi nui

Di Meyler . 😊

Welcome to our newest member of Stanley Avenue School.

Nixon Jackson

We hope you are enjoying being a Stanley Avenue Learner. It is wonderful to see your smiley face around the school each day.

Upcoming Events

  • 23 May BOT Meeting Staffroom 6.00pm
  • 6 June Queens Birthday School closed
  • 7 June Teacher Only Day School Closed
  • 8 June Rippa Rugby Qualifying Tournament
  • 23 June Matariki Breakfast (Details to follow)
  • 28 June Tough Guy and Gal Challenge
  • 8 July Last day Term 2

Getting started with HERO

This New system is designed to work on phones, tablets or computers so that you are able to communicate and know what your child(ren) are learning about at any time. As well as report absences, receive notices and many other facets.

It is now time to get our parents/caregivers/whānau connected.

Please make sure we have an up to date email address so you can register to use Hero

Step 1- Download the HERO app onto your phone or search for it on your computer.

Step 2 - Open it and click on new user

Step 3 - Enter the email address that we have registered for you and follow the directions

Step 4 - Make your new password

Step 5 - Have a look around your new app.

Please contact Di Meyler, Chris Finucane, Hayley Williams or Kim Hayes if you have any issues. Any of us can help you.

Year 5 and 6 Robocup 2022

Last Thursday our Year 5/6 team travelled to Morrinsville Intermediate with Mrs Harrison to compete against other schools in our area for the 2022 Robocup.

Our team consisting of Hannah Corrigan, Tyela Van Kuijk, Tamati Emery Te Kani and Lucas Gamble (Team100% Correct) displayed some great problem solving skills and patience as they worked on trying to wake up Uncle Albert and get him out of bed! The same task as our Year 7/8 teams.

At the end of the session, these budding engineers came away with 2nd place. This has now earned them the right to compete at the next level against teams from the Waikato. We are so very proud of your achievements team, and applaud your dedication and ability to think outside the square.

Check out the video link below of their success.

EPRO8 Y5/6

NYLD 2022 - Hamilton

Last Thursday, Mrs Meyler accompanied our School leaders, Service Leaders and Waka Captains to the National Young Leaders Day at the Claudelands Event Centre in Hamilton. This is a leadership event especially designed for primary and Intermediate students. They are dedicated to sparking the leadership potential that’s inside every young person through practical, inspirational events and leadership resources.

This week our students have written some reflections on their experiences. Enjoy reading and seeing it through their fantastic youthful eyes.


My highlight of the day was when I first walked in and I saw how big the inside was. I heard the music playing and thoroughly enjoyed sitting at the front of the room dancing in my chair, clapping to the music. Then I saw one of my family friends there right behind me and we talked and talked and talked.Then the music started getting louder, in the background I could hear lots of leaders coming in and singing to the music. It was very noisy. With about 20 minutes of music the hosts came up on stage and told us about all the fun things we were all about to do. Games! Mexican Wave! Guest speakers! That was the highlight of my day at NYLD.

Omg I was at the back of the stage getting ready to go and present - with a gift and that meant I was going on the stage it was so cool. Being able to present to Zane Kapeli was such a surreal experience.

Trinity Lawrence Waka Captain

A highlight from NYLD was all of it, it was so fun and it was a good experience for all the young leaders. My favorite part was all the colors and lights. It was so bright and loud I thought that I would go deaf. Anyway, one of my favorite speakers was William Pike. His story was scary and amazing. He is a Mountain climber and he climbed Mount Ruapehu and it erupted. His leg got stuck under a rock and shattered his leg (he showed us a picture of his leg). His story was so inspiring and I loved it. Another one of my favorite speakers, Georgia Latu, was just 15 years old, she started the worlds biggest poi company, Potiki Poi when she was just 12 years of age!

So NYLD was an amazing opportunity for me and I loved every second of it. One thing I took away from NYLD was to never give up and step out of your comfort zone and you will do great things.

Arden Sutherland School Leader.

When we arrived at the Claudelands Event Centre there were plenty of schools there that I hadn't even heard of! I thought to myself that it was gonna be super boring but as they opened the door I gasped in shock. Inside, was the most amazingest thing I´ve ever seen. There were beams shooting around the stadium and music blasting, as if we were having a really big party. We all rushed into the room and went to our seats. The best thing was that we got front row seats all the way up front! We noticed that there was a notebook on our seats to write notes on the speakers that presented. We were all super stoked and my friends and I were going crazy. We started screaming our heads off. It was such a good experience. Whilst we were all getting settled, there was a dance cam where you showed off all your dance moves, everyone was jumping up and down and showing off their moves. After our fun time, the hosts came up and told us all the fun things that we were going to do throughout the day. Learning new ideas on how to be resilient was pretty cool. Keep striving and don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, really stuck with me.

Ayden Kumar School Leader

As I walked through the door my smile went from ear to ear, seeing all the beautiful bright lights and thinking how fun this day is going to be. Thankfully we got the front seats which was really cool because we were right in front of the stage and got to see all the leaders up close. Johnny and I were surprised with how everything was laid out because we didn’t know it was gonna be that big. My favorite part was seeing Zane Kapeli, because he told us all about his rugby career and he even showed us a couple of magic tricks. What I learned from him was if you're going through a rough time just keep going because it will get better in the future. I was hoping to see a big celebrity like Damion Mckenzie but I was still thankful that I got to go with my mates. In my opinion it was a really good experience because the leaders/speakers were teaching us how to be resilient and how they were resilient in their lives. The most interesting one was William Pike because his leg was badly hurt due to a volcanic eruption. He was saying how he thought that those were his last moments in life. He was thinking about how he could’ve lived life better and do the things he wanted to do in life. Thankfully he survived and now he’s living his best life with one leg.

Legend McLaren School Leader

As I made my way through the entrance my jaw almost dropped to the ground, “this is huge” I whispered in disbelief. There were chairs lined perfectly across the colossal sized room. As my friends and I sat down The colorful lights shimmered into my eyes. More and more schools started to show up until the room was packed with excited people. When people started yelling with excitement I thought I was about to go deaf. As the speakers introduced themselves they welcomed Zane Kapeli, the crowd screamed, he sat down and started talking about his career. He talks about his career being in the national Tongan team for the world cup and now playing for the chiefs. As he keeps talking about his goals I really start getting inspired by him and I loved his goal, which was to make it to the All Black one day, just like me.

Johnny Armstrong Waka Captain

NYLD was a huge game changer for me. I learned a bunch of new skills on how to stay resilient and to never give up. My favorite speaker was Georgia Latu because she started her own business at 12 years old and has become a very successful young lady at the age of 15. She is someone I will always look up to, because she told us that age doesn't matter. As long as you work hard, and try your best, anything is possible. My other favorite part of NYLD is when Georgia Lines came to sing for us. Her voice was so graceful, and her piano skills were unbelievable. NYLD was the most inspiring trip I have ever been on, and I’m sure that I’ll remember it forever.

Aiva Valencia School Leader

Peer Mediators

Selected students from Team Tui and Ruru have spent the last few weeks training to be peer mediators to assist students and duty teachers in the playground. Students will be assisting Stanley Avenue students who need help in the playground, resolving minor conflicts. The Peer Mediators have also created a space named ‘The Chill Zone’ where students can come and take part in activities organised by the peer mediators. This term’s Peer Mediators are Druss, Levi D, Stephen, Lucas G, Phoenix, Alex, Chaya, Amelia, Palace, Liam, Alex, Cheyenne, Emma, Luscous, Christiaan, Danyon, Kasey, Jack, Hannah, Ruby, Joanna, Sura, Victoria, Jade, and Huia.

Well done to all of the Peer Mediators for taking on this leadership opportunity.

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Yummy Apple School Sticker competition

This year is the 25th anniversary for the Yummy Apple Sticker Promotion. For the next two terms Stanley Ave will be taking part in this promotion to try and earn some amazing sports equipment!

All you need to do is purchase any of the Yummy apple varieties and bring the stickers to school! Alternatively , if you purchase a bag of these apples, send the cut out from the bag to school.

Every point counts !

1 sticker = 1 point

1 cut out = 10 points

If you have any questions, please contact Miss Williams in Room 7.

Stanley Avenue School Enrolment Scheme

Details of pre-enrolment procedures and subsequent balloting procedures for June- August 2022

The board advises that five spaces for new entrant students and five spaces for Years 1-8 students are likely to be available for the period of 7th June 2022 to 25th July 2022.

Applications close 9 am, 7th June 2022. If the number of out of zone applications exceeds the number of places available, students will be selected by ballot. If a ballot for out of zone places is required, it will be held at 10 am, 7th June 2022.


The board advises that five spaces for new entrant students and five spaces for Years 1-8 students are likely to be available for the period of 26th July 2022 to 29th August 2022.

Applications close 9 am, 26th July 2022. If the number of out of zone applications exceeds the number of places available, students will be selected by ballot. If a ballot for out of zone places is required, it will be held at 10 am, 26th July 2022.

Application forms are available from our school office.

Phone 07 8848 479 or alternatively contact Di Meyler (Acting Principal) on 027 272 2227


Thank you

Di Meyler

Acting Principal

Netball draw for 14th May - reminder...Online registration needs to be done before this weekend please.


Court 6 Year 1-2 Future ferns

Court 5 Year 3-4 Future ferns

Year 7/8 Stanley Avenue Blue Vs Saint Mana

Year 7/8 Stanley Ave Teal vs TAPs Tornados


Year 5/6 Stanley Avenue Stars vs Elstow Comets

Year 5/6 Mixed Skycats vs St TAPS Mana Mavericks

Please remember to have hair tied back and short nails.

Netball fees are due as soon as is possible, to enable to school to pay Te Aroha Netball Centre.

Year 1-2 $43 Year 3/4 $45 Year 5-8 $50.00

Junior Golf Coaching

Junior Golf coaching has just started on Sundays at Te Aroha Golf Club for any interested children. It runs from 9.30 – 10.30am and parents are welcome to join in as well. All equipment is provided…and it is FREE!

If you have any questions please phone Steve Hancock on 027 2425518 or just turn up on Sunday and have some fun.

Winter Olympics fundraising SAUSAGE SIZZLE

Our 2022 Winter Olympics team will be having a Sausage Sizzle each Friday this Term.

They are $2.00 per sausage and you can have Sauce, Mustard and Onions if you wish.

Orders must be in by Thursday each week (so we can order enough for Friday)

Please keep the Donations of Bottle Caps and Wool coming!

Yes...we are still needing Bottle caps for Team Ruru's artwork in Term 3 as well as donations of wool for Room 8's Term 2 creations.

These can be left at the school office. Thank you for your support.

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Stanley Ave School Bank Account Details

Please make payments to 03 1573 0009816 00 (Use you surname as a reference)

Stanley Avenue School App

Our School App provides our community with many important updates. I strongly encourage you if you haven’t already to download the App either through Google Play or the App Store.