Best Long Distance Sex Toys

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1. Lovense Max

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  • A different setting of air pump: soft, average and deep
  • Vibrations modes: low, average and tall
  • What does the complement include: the device with Bluetooth, USB Cable, the book with instructions for users

2. Lovense Nora

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  • Different modes: solo, play on distance, sex with a lover
  • Rapidity and vibration settings: low, average, high
  • What is in the set: the vibrator with Bluetooth, USB, the operational manual

3. Lovense Lush 2

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  • Twelve months of guarantee coverage for one year, hands-free control
  • App synchronizes with all popular electronic devices, has different vibration patterns
  • Could be managed by Bluetooth and on the long distance

Best long distance sex toys for sweet pleasure

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Do you think that your relationship with a partner is hot and various?

It`s really hard to trust you if there is no long distant toy in your collection.

Anyway, plays with such kind of adult toys will make sexual life brighter and more passionate.

So, if you decide to expand your ideas about pleasure and make the next step in your relationship, we suggest choosing one of the toys from our top.

Top four long-distance adult toys

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The Revolutionary Male Masturbator Max and Nora “Smart” Bluetooth Rabbit Vibrator

On the first place, we prepare for you a real pleasure: two cool sex devices that will be useful in complement.

They will be a great deal for couples that want new spicy feelings. Also, this tool becomes indispensable if you are not together with your partner, but want to have long hot sex with him or her. So let`s start and introduce you with each toy separately and together.

Masturbator Max

Pleasure from this toy could be even better, due to intensive suction.

And addition feeling you will receive from the internal texture that stimulates penis during masturbation.

Interesting fact about the device.

The first Masturbator Max was created in the 2015 year.

Since that time it was completely improved. Now the vibro mode is stronger, the size of the vagina was increased, the air valve was added and to the touch, it becomes softer and more flexible.

So, even if the first toy is also in your collection, don`t forget that the last version is better.

The main characteristics of the product

  • Material: safe for body plastic that imitates real skin.
  • Colour: white.
  • What else: revolutionary air pump technology, suitable remote control, synchronization with other sex toys, spray repellent and rechargeable.
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Nora “Smart” Rabbit Vibrator

It`s hard to imagine that this compact device that fit even in the smallest female handbag has great revolutionary functionality.

Therefore, it will not take you long to wait for an orgasm. You press on the button, choose the best mode and have bright fantastic feelings.

It is very simple to play with this tool in long distance. You should connect the vibrator to the device with Bluetooth. Then open the app on this device.

It could be a smartphone, personal computer, laptop or Macbook. Wait no more than a few minutes before connection. After connecting, you can start playing with the sex toy.

What you should know about the product

  • Material: the toy was created of ABC-plastic and high-quality silicone.
  • Colors: bright-pink.

  • Waterproof: 100 %.
  • Additional information: could be used within four hours, five days standby, a curved for stimulation of G- spot.

Be attentive. The functionality of Nora vibrators is a result of ten-year development.

The first model was established in 2015, but comparing with the last one, she seems to be not so cool.

In the 2017 year, the creators add to the toy a clitoral foot, better curve for intensive stimulation of G- spot and sensor that helps to see the movement of your partner.

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Pros of Masturbator Max and Nora Vibrator

  • Two best long distance sex toys for ladies and gentlemen.
  • You can use both devices separately or together.
  • If you are at a distance, this is the best way to satisfy each other.
  • Both toys are easy in use and compatible with all popular devices that have Bluetooth.
  • These sex toys are literally made for each other, as both of them have three speed and vibration modes.
  • The tools are very compact. If you enjoy having sex on distance, this is what you need.
  • Women and men could play solo games with each toy without remote control.
  • The only high quality of materials.
  • You will get a discount for buying two goods together.
  • Devices are created with the latest developments, they are equipped with intense vibration, convenient charging, simple menu, remote control.
  • You can synchronize this app with other sex toys.
  • During sex, you will see what your partner is doing at the same moment due to the sensor.
  • Both devices are very handy and convenient to use for solo games without remote control.

  • One of the best advantages of these models is that they are being improved almost every year.
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  • It`s really hard to find any disadvantages to these models. Maybe, their price will be too high for some customers.

Bluetooth Remote Control Vibrator Lush 2 and Vibrating Butt Plug

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The next sweet couple of our top is stylish black anal plug and compact distance vibrator.

If you still have no these sound devices in your collection, you should quickly improve the situation. Especially, if your sexual relationship with a partner becomes too dull last time.

Vibrating Butt Plug

We have great news for all lovers of anal sex.

Here is the first anal plug that could be managed from any corner of the world. Universal size, three different speed modes, unlimited range of remote control by the internet making this product perfect for both men and women.

The most important things about the butt plug

  • Entire length: 4,76 inches or 121 mm.
  • Submersible length: 3,8 inches or 97 mm.
  • Length of the leg: 3,15 inches or 97 mm.

  • Diameter: there are two variants on your choice: small – 1, 5 inches or 38 mm and medium – 1, 75 inches or 44,5 mm.
  • Components: the plug is made of 100 % silicone, without latex, rubber, chemicals.
  • Colour: black.

  • Speed variants: low, average and high.
  • Waterproof: yes.
  • Wireless: yes.
  • The set consists of one butt plug, USB Charging Cable, short instructions.
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Lush 2 Vibrator

One of the best dildos for solo plays, sex with your favorite lover and games in public places. And it`s not only the words but real truth.

Something interesting about Lush 2

  • Materials: the vibro egg is made of 100 % body-safe materials.
  • Colour solution: pink.
  • Waterproof: yes.
  • Fragile: no.
  • Wireless: yes.
  • What is in the package: the device, USB Charger, instructions.
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Pros of Butt Plug and Vibrator Lush 2

  • Nice variety for sex relation with your girlfriend or boyfriend.
  • The butt plug and vibrator could be used with hands, Bluetooth and Internet connection without limits.

  • High power of vibration and stable connection provide you long and intensive orgasms.
  • There is a cool design of both products.

  • The devices are 100 $ waterproof. Take them in a shower or Jacuzzi.
  • Easy to use and wash.

  • Taking interactive toys on the public is a perfect idea. Don`t worry, both tools work too quite, so no one will know about your little secret, besides you and your partner.
  • The products have guarantee coverage for twelve months.

  • There are musical modes and different vibration settings.
  • Both toys fit in hand, and Lush 2 has a comfortable location of buttons provides easy switching even when the vibro egg is inside.

  • The shape of the device in the best way for stimulation of sensitive zones.
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  • There are no discounts like on the previous two models.
  • This couple isn`t universal. It will be also suitable for anal sex fans, but for lovers of vaginal sex, it will be better to buy the first product of our top.

Remote Control Vibrator

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Quiet and powerful is made not only for giving you pleasure but knowledge also.

You will be surprised, but the creators of this perfect sex toy provide it with one exciting option.

The device could vibrate in sync with your favorite audiobooks. So, let`s explore, how deep is your knowledge about sexuality.

The characteristics of the toy

  • Entire length: 7,5 inches.
  • Diameter: 1,4 inches.
  • Width: 1,4 inches.
  • Weight: 5,54 ounces.
  • Materials: toys are made of safe for body silicone without harmful elements.
  • Colors: pink.
  • Water resistant: yes.
  • Fragile: no.
  • Wireless: yes.
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  • One of the best tools for intensive touching of all women’s sensitive spots.
  • The vibrator has a very compact size, thanks to which you can take it with yourself for a visit or a walk.

  • You can use it without hands, just put it on the underpants and play as long, as you want.
  • Change vibration any time you want to, using the Bluetooth app.

  • Women can have pleasure with a toy on long and short distances.
  • The best addition to hot sexual life, as your partner, could change the speed to long and climax your orgasm.

  • There is a text menu in the app, where you can exchange messages with your lover.
  • Ladies can play with these toys within three hours without recharging.

  • Listen to your favorite music during satisfaction with the toy.
  • The device is 100 % water resistant: easy to clean and have a good time in the bath.
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  • The measures of the toy may not fit your body structure.
  • Some women complain that the device is not steady enough on the underwear.
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Lyla 2

Fans of solo games, sex funs at public places and adventures at the bath will be delighted with this model.

Here is a perfect massager of internal and external sensitive zones that has eight modes for your pleasure.

Interesting information about Lila 2

  • Color solutions: pink, black, purple.
  • Intensive modes: eight settings.
  • Water tightness: yes.
  • In the box, you will find out: one massager, USB, a pouch, a card with a guarantee, instructions.
  • Additional details: rechargeable, with SenseMotion technology.
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  • One of the best-selling models.
  • There are three color solutions.

  • There is a one year guarantee.
  • SenseMotion technology reacts in response to your movements, thereby making the game more exciting.

  • Nice design and a suitable device.
  • An excellent choice for solo games fore- and after plays.
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  • The price of the tool is high.
  • Not the best choice for women who enjoy deep internal pleasure.

  • Sometimes the remote doesn`t talk to the massager.