Why sports players make so much $

This is why sports players make so much.

Key vocabulary.

Injury- To become harmed in any way.

Salary- A fixed payment paid to a person for regular work or services.

Playoffs- Games in the NFL that lead up to the Superbowl.

High paid sports players.

How does a professional sports player's skill impact there pay?

When a sports player is picked in to a professional league they must meet certain standers if they meet them the could potently get picked for that team. If a player does not meet the stander they could get bought out. Witch means what ever there contract said they would make that year like 1,000,000$ 750,000 EX. There manager would pay them that amount and they would be off the team. A player can not join another team until the end of the session. But if a player is good after the years there contracts say they could get a raise in there stalk. When a player get there contract at the beginning of there term the contract says how long it will last and how much they will make a year.

Injuries, and hospital bills and why they play a role in professional sports players salary.

When a professional player is injured they have to pay a hospital bill that is sometimes very high. Not all players get injured in a session but when they do they still get paid as much as if they were still playing. They also need to get a extensive check up/Drug test in the beginning of the year and the end witch is very expensive. The average hospital bill cost between 750$-1650$. The average bill for a concussion is between 1,000$-4,000$ basses on the seriousness of it. The average hospital bill for a broken bone is between 5,000$-11,000$ based on the bone broken. That is just one of the reasons sports players make so much.

How winning/losing impacts a teams salary.

Winning or losing only impacts a teams chances of getting into the playoffs. A team must win a cretin amount of games to get into the playoffs. once a team is in the playoffs they get paid extra to win in 2011 the average wining team won a extra 12,000$ plus there average salary. if a team wins the playoffs they get into the super bowl. A winning team in the Superbowl wins on average a extra 34,000$ plus there ring that cost another 20,000. so that is another way sports players make money.

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