Analyzing Duke Orsino

By: Benjamin Ramirez

Orsino's Identity

I believe that Duke Orsino is all about love. Ever since the beginning of the story, Orsino is introduced in the story as a prince who fell in love with a woman. "If the music be the food of love, play on. Give me excess of it that, surtfeiting, The appetite may sicken, and so die..." (I. i. 2-3). What this is showing how he is talking about how love works, and how music makes more people fall in love. This shows how he talks about love and anything that consists love in it. In the quote, he states how music is good for love, but too much will cause him to stop loving. But right then he tells the fool to play a certain part again and again because he likes it. So this is why he is a lover.

Orsino's Gender

Orsino's Gender is a very masculine guy. He has the money, he's in shape and hes a ladies man. How could Olivia not want him? "O, then unfold the passion of my love, surprise her with discourse of my dear faith" (I. iv. 28-29). He was saying to Cesario to go to Olivia, and tell her about how much he loves her, show Olivia how faithful he can be, and how he can treat her. Like I said he is attractive to most women, but he only wants Olivia to love him as much as he loves her.

Orsino's Perception

Viola has many views toward Orsino throughout the story, but the main way she sees him as is how he is handsome and how much she loves him. Viola falls in love with Orsino very early in the story, thinking how he is a perfect man. "Say that some lady, as perhaps there is hath for your love a great pang of heart as you have for Olivia. You cannot love her. You tell her so. Must she not then be answered?" (II. iv. 86-89). This took place when Orsino and Viola decide to talk about love. Orsino asked her who she loves, but she describes the "woman" she loved like him. She said this to give him a hint that she loves him and is sad because she can not do anything about it since he loves Olivia.

Orsino and Myself

First off, lets talk about how Orsino and I are similar or alike. We are both in shape, as I am in sports and work out everyday. I am a huge fan of love. Real or in the movies I like it. He and I are both very polite and have good manners to everyone. But, we are different in many ways as well. He and I are different with the fact that he is a very good leader, while I am not the best person to lead a group of people. He is able to take command and be able to control a situation while sometimes i cannot.

Orsino In "She's The Man"

Orsino's Identity

In the movie, Orsino thinks that he's one of the best looking guy in his high school. For example, when Viola walks into the room, Orsino is seen as shirtless with abs and all the things girls stereo typically like on a guy. Even later on in the movie, when he finds out that Olivia doesn't like him he seemed surprised, almost shocked that she didn't like him at all. This is showing how he feels about himself and his physical form. Also, he was pretty confident in how he plays soccer. I can prove this by the fact of when in the movie he made a trade with Viola to help her get into the first string as long as she helps him to get Olivia. So, this proves that Orsino is confident enough to be able to teach Viola to become better in soccer.

Orsino's Gender

Orsino in She's the Man throughout the entire movie plot is a manly guy. He is shown as a guy, he acts a bit different when he is with his friends and he is attracted to girls. In the movie, it shows how girls kind of go drooly and zoned out on him as he is playing or walking by. This especially affects Viola, which almost ruined her disguise right off the bat. It even shows how he is attracted to girls as he liked Olivia and Viola in the movie.

Perception of Orsino

I believe Toby and Andrews perception of Orsino is different then what he thinks of himself. For example they see him as a stud, a guy that gets girls. They see him act and say demeaning things to girls with them such as "look at that butt on that girl." But Orsino see's how he really is. He is a sensitive guy and wants to treat girls good and make them feel nice. He even shows this side of him to Viola when they are laying down on the dorm beds talking about girls.

Orsino vs. Myself

When it comes to Duke Orsino in the movie, he and I have a lot more similarities then when it come to Orsino in the play. To first list off how we are similar, we both play sports more specifically soccer. We are both sensitive to our feelings and how we treat people with more respect. We both care deeply for the sports we play. And we both become defensive when one of the people we love are hurt.

Even though he and I are similar, we do have some differences. First off, we are physically different. He's a lot taller and more muscular. That's about it since we are both pretty similar towards each other