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Hello parents and Guardians,

I am sending out a request to meet with the JAES Chronicle staff on Monday 13th, at 3:15. The meeting will be held in the 4th grade neighborhood in Dr. Bellamy's classroom.

The meeting will last until 4:00 (all bus students will leave as their bus is called). We will be conducting our meeting focusing on our second edition contents and writing assignments.

Thanks again for letting your child be a part of this adventure! I will send out another newsletter letting you know of our next meeting.


Dr. Bellamy

JAES Newspaper Staff

Staff Member Duties

The members of our newspaper staff will include students from the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade neighborhoods. All members will play a part in creating, writing, interviewing, and publishing our newspapers. It will be a collaborative effort of all grade levels working together to publish special events, celebrations and to show off our JAES PRIDE!

Our first edition has been published and at last look it was viewed by others in over 16 states!!! Very exciting! Can't wait to see where our next edition takes us!

JAES Elementary School

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!