Social studies holiday homework

Cultures,Foods etc

Two common folk dances in south and eastern India.

Two folk dances that seem alike are of Assam and Kerala.Assam (Bihu),Kerala (Thiruvathira) few things they have in common is that the dancers dance in coordination and wear the same clothes.

harvest festivals in south india

Two famous festivals are pongal (tamil nadu),onam (kerala).Although onam is said to be the arrival of king mahabali it is celebrated today mainly for the harvest season.Pongal is also a harvest festival in tamil nadu.




pongal feast,onam sadya

As both festivals are harvest festivals both of them have their own feasts.For example onam sadya to the side and pongal dish below.

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This project was made by Adithya Ratheesan of class 9M for social studies.