Ways To Save Money While Shopping.

By Trae Hosey


  • Before shopping make a shopping list so you know what to get when you get there.
  • Check to see what you have and you don't have.
  • Plan to use seasonal foods.
  • The look for coupons in stores


  • Shop only once a week to avoid spending more money.
  • Shop without your children to avoid extra purchases.
  • Choose grocery store with the best prices.
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  • Check store for sale flyers.
  • When buying large amounts of food split the price with a friend.
  • Buy things by the case to save money overtime.
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Use Coupons Carefully

  • Be careful when using coupons.
  • Use coupons when they help you save.
  • But when using coupons don't become a coupon junkie.
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