Buildologie Bulletin

September 2018

Gearing Up for a Great Year in Buildologie!

Hello everyone and welcome to a new year! For those of you receiving Buildologie Bulletin for the first time, I send these every month so you know what our 5th graders are doing in Buildologie. I hope you get a chance to check it out!

As an aside, I'm trying out the free newsletter resource, Smore. So far, it's super simple to use!

What is Buildologie?

The amazing media team at DES helped to create this awesome video last year. Watch to see what Buildologie is all about. There is also a Spanish version available for parents.

Starting the Year with a Mindstorm

Our students are building and programming LEGO Mindstorms robots in Buildologie. The first step is to build them, which took students 2-3 weeks to complete while also learning about Engineering from our Bytes & Bots mentors. It took teamwork to work effectively and efficiently!

SMP 5: Use appropriate tools strategically

SMP 7: Look for and make use of structure

Programming the Robot to Move

Students are focusing on programming the motors to move the robot before adding anything more fancy on. For example, they learned about 3 different types of turn: one-wheel turn, curve turn, and pivot turn. Watch below to learn about the pivot turn.

More Control

After learning the basic turns, our students received missions to make their robots follow different paths: a circle, a square, a figure 8, and a hexagon. They had to learn how to input just the right numbers to make the robots stick to the path. In the video below, the team is in the middle of that process.

SMP 2: Reason abstractly and quantitatively

SMP 6: Attend to precision

Next Month

Students are just finishing up their shape-tracing missions. Next up, they'll learn how to program a medium motor to lift the robot's arm. Once students can program large and medium motors, they will get started on their missions for this fall's showcase: Food Factor, which aligns with Benchmark Unit 3: "How do we choose which resources to cultivate?"

Heather will visit Buildologie classes to support mentors and teachers. She will also prepare rubrics and other materials, and continue to improve curriculum.

This newsletter was created by Heather Boling

Heather is the Bytes & Bots Digital Learning Coach for Anaheim Elementary School District. She manages Codologie at 4 schools (Ponderosa, Ross, Stoddard, & Jefferson), as well as Buildologie at Ross Elementary.