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Develop a champion's mindset

You train your body for hours each week, making yourself stronger, fitter and faster, but how often do you train your mind? When the going gets tough in a race, what will you do? When a race is going better than expected, what will you do? Olympians and professional athletes depend on mental skills to bring out their best performances and give them an edge on their competition. Why wouldn’t you do the same? Find your mental edge in this workshop.

You’ll learn skills to help you develop a champion’s mindset, techniques to help you focus and methods to prepare you for your next race or workout. You will learn the benefits of yoga and Reiki—a hands-on healing modality that athletes use to create a calm and centered mind, foster a positive outlook, and assist with muscle recovery.

This workshop will be lead by a powerhouse of presenters:
Beth Chernosky, Sports and Wellness Reiki Practitioner (and athlete)
Kelsey Abbott, USA Triathlon-Certified Coach and Personal Trainer (and athlete)
Lauren Norster, Reiki Practitioner/Teacher and Yoga Instructor
Terry Cockburn, Yoga Instructor and Run Coach (and athlete)

Sunday, June 30th
2:30 - 5:00 p.m.

Your Mental Edge

Sunday, June 30th 2013 at 2:30-5pm

81 Bow Street


Beth Chernosky

Beth’s first athletic ambitions came at the very early age of around 3 when she aspired to become a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Although that did not quite pan out as expected, it was one of the first indicators of a true love of sports. Having always been an athlete, Beth enjoys all aspects of athletics from competing, training, spectating to cheering on her teammates. Currently, her top favorite endeavors include swimming, biking and running and watching Football on Sundays.

Beth is a Sports and Wellness Reiki Practitioner and the owner of Transformative Wellness ME located in downtown Portland, Maine. Combining her studies of holistic Wellness and a love of athletics, Beth encourages a dynamic collaboration with clients to meet each individual needs. Sessions at Transformative Wellness ME consider the entire Athlete and how performance can be affected at the physical, mental and emotional levels.

In addition to her Reiki practice, Beth is also a Licensed Esthetician and a nationally Certified Speech Language Pathologist, holding her Master’s Degree from the University of Maine-Orono.

More information on Beth’s services can be found at:

Kelsey Abbott

Kelsey has always been hyperactive. Growing up, she played every team sport she could, and, after her dreams of being a gymnast were crushed by genetics, soon found her niche in competitive swimming and water polo. After more than 14 years of competition, including four years at Bowdoin College, Kelsey tried to walk away from the pool. She didn't get very far. Desperate for a new athletic adventure, she discovered triathlons while in graduate school in North Carolina. She fell in love with the sport, the training, the competition and the community. Kelsey competes at the local, regional, national and international levels and is now a USA Triathlon Level I Coach. She offers individualized multisport coaching as part of The Sustainable Athlete coaching staff and coaches a group of incredible women as part of the SheJAMs coaching staff.

Kelsey has been teaching group fitness classes for more than five years and has more than a decade of experience in coaching swimming and water polo. When she's not training, coaching or playing outside with her husband and dog, Kelsey writes about science for the popular media.

Education and Certifications:
A.B., Bowdoin College, Maine
Master of Environmental Management, Duke University
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Spinning Certified Instructor
TRX Certified
USA Cycling Level 3 Coach
USA Triathlon Level I Coach

Athletic Experience:

Top 15 Age Group Finisher ITU Sprint World Championships 2012
Top 3 Age Group Finisher USAT Sprint Nationals 2012
Top 5 Age Group Finisher USAT Sprint Nationals 2011
ITU Sprint World Championships Qualifier, 2011 and 2012
All American Honorable Mention, 2011 and 2012

Lauren Norster

In 2012, Lauren became certified in Vinyasa Yoga through the Breathing Room Yoga Studio in South Portland. She has a passion for teaching to the needs of her students, regardless of their age. Her vinyasa classes are creative, fun, exploratory, and are influenced by her studies in ashtanga yoga.

In a typical class, Lauren's students will be encouraged to see yoga as a moving meditation, following their breath while building strength, flexibility, and mental clarity.She aspires to make each pose accessible to students on every level, offering adjustments, props, and modifications throughout the class. She often includes meditation, pranayama, and chanting in both her adult and children's classes to keep the balance of energy flow. In addition to vinyasa yoga, Lauren also teaches restorative based yoga, yoga nidra, and meditation. As a Reiki master teacher and practitioner, Lauren is interested in combining restorative practices with energy healing. She sees her self as a full-time student of yoga, and is always eager to develop her knowledge of yoga philosophy and the eight limbs of yoga. Off the mat, Lauren works with homeschooled students, writes an ayurvedic cooking blog, and is a visual artist.

Terry Cockburn

I have been a sports and fitness enthusiast my entire life. Athletics have always been very important to me, whether it's coaching or participating in anything from soccer, softball and tennis leagues, biking, running road races or general "gym rat" activities. My introduction to yoga began with a few Bryan Kest Power Yoga VHS tapes in 1997, and sparked an intense interest, which lead me to becoming certified to teach vinyasa yoga in 2006.

After tearing my ACL during an adult league tennis match in 2008, my outlook on yoga, not to mention my personal yoga practice, completely changed. Working my way through the six month rehabilitation period taught me to slow down and not just go through the motions. It taught me the importance of having a yoga practice that worked along with my sports; not against it. My yoga needed to balance all the activities I was involved in, and my preferred style of practice, along with my intention for my practice, was not helping my body stay injury free. My epiphany, if you can call it that, made me want to reach out to every athlete out there and help in some way to prevent such an injury. Athlete or not, learning how to use yoga to stay healthy and create a deeper sense of body awareness is such a valuable tool, and I feel there is no better feeling than teaching someone how to tune in with their own body.

I am an avid runner, and enjoy the marathon distance. I have run six marathons (to date), and plan to run at least two marathons a year for the rest of my life. Yoga is the key to achieving that goal!

My primary yoga training is with Stephanie Keach of Asheville Yoga Center, located in Asheville, North Carolina. I've also trained with Josh Summers and Paul Greeley in the discipline of Yin Yoga; and am certified through ChildLight Yoga. I draw my greatest inspiration from my mentor, Sage Rountree, of Carborro Yoga Company in Carborro, North Carolina.

I am a certified running coach through the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA), and am also a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).