Make it a November to remember

Make this November one to Remember!

Hey Tribe!!

This time of year always invites me to reflect. Changes can be seen in the leaves around us. Fall is certainly here.

Change is inevitable. What we do about that change, shapes us to who we become. The road ahead after that change can be determined by what we do and the decisions we make right now. Choose now to make the change to make every decision a part of your destiny.

Here's what you'll get out of this month's newsletter:

  • Holiday Products now on Sale!
  • doTERRA's Product of the Month: Clove!
  • Welcoming our newest tribe members and our top enrollers and sponsors
  • An important question about doTERRA's newest products
  • On Guard - get ready for sickness season
  • Delicious recipes you will fall for
  • Upcoming events

I am extremely grateful for each and every one of you. Each of you bring a unique perspective on life. Take time to recognize the people around you. Lift up the knees who stand in need, for it is our duty to care for one another with our growing doTERRA family. Make this a November to remember.

My Challenge to You: Think of one thing in your life or business that you feel needs to change but you haven't been willing to change. If the thought of change scares you…ask yourself, “What’s the worst that could happen if I make this change?” Usually the truth is not a scary as we think it is. So…decide one thing in your life that you want to change and make an effort this month to finally DO IT!

With love,


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Waiting for the Queue-it

When you log into your account this month, especially for the next few days, to place your November order; you will find a redirection to a Queue; this is designed to make sure everyone has their turn, and because it could overload and crash the system.

doTERRA improves each year as do we, so be patient, it's worth the wait.

Also they are limiting your purchases to 4 per item on the Holiday line.

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The dream was to have oils in every home around the globe. Through our wellness advocates, more than 5 million strong and growing, we are fulfilling that dream and creating new dreams with each other lifting and sometimes pushing each other forward.

During this month of gratitude and thanksgiving, I wonder who is waiting for one of us to help them develop their dream, of fulfillment, better health, or simply a better way of life. Who is in your circle of influence who might be open to Natural Solutions for their way of life.

I challenge each of you to enroll one person, moving doTERRA closer to the mission of these gifts of the earth. Just one, will you dare to move out of your comfort zone?

Newest Members

I want to welcome our newest members in September and October and recognize their enrollers and sponsors.

Paige White, Jessika Wass, Barbara Sannasardo, Lisa Ficano, Cheryl Godon, Janet Quinn, and Mark Chitwood, Laura Murphy, Joni Beavers, Fran Hoff, Suzanne Moore, Sarah Dubois, and Jamie Zissis.

Our top Sponsors for the past two months are Scott Chitwood and Kathy Wilson. While our Top enroller is Traci Bennis....



Way to go everyone, you are living the mission of doTERRA and fulfilling the Dream of our founders which is to have oils in every home.

Challenge yourself in November to make it a memory and out do yourself on sharing. It is the month of THANKSGIVING!

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Post Convention Tour educated us on the uses of our new products

If you missed the Reno Post Convention, we learned more about the uses of the products. Connective Tissues for example, One of our leaders is using Tumeric and Pink Pepper on a torn Meniscus and I've sampled two others who are seeing benefits and by applying them two - three times a day.

I'll be posting on our facebook and website some of these uses. Stay tuned and check them out in the weeks to come.

We also left with a greater sense of who doTERRA is and is striving to become.

Check out the website for the new integrative health care clinics and be a part of the revolution to improve and exceed our current health care system. Do you know a Doctor who is into the integrative health philosophy. doTERRA needs to talk to them, and see if they can partner for a clinic in our areas.

Natural Solutions Classes

Saturday, Nov. 10th, 10:30am-12:30pm

333 N. Curry St. STE B Carson City NV 89703

For each new guest you bring, we'll have something special for them. An Oil perhaps or a tool to use the oils.

We will sponsor a class each Saturday in November

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Holiday Open House = Black Friday specials

Friday, Nov. 23rd, 9am-2pm

333 N. Curry St. STE B Carson City NV 89703

Bring all your friends and family for a special day - pop in and out.... I'll have Black Friday specials and will offer teaching on gift wrapping.

Treats and Drinks featuring Essential Oils.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.


We are here to help you with your doTERRA journey. Whether or not you choose to build a business with doTERRA or simply share occasionally or just want to learn about how to fully maximize your membership by learning to use the oils safely and effectively.

We empower those around us and attract others with grateful hearts to do the same.

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