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January 29, 2019

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Personalized Learning Mini-Conference

Feb. 2, 2019

Sessions will be facilitated by current teachers, administrators, digital learning specialists, TLC staff, and instructional specialists. Hours can be applied to the district exchange day on April 22nd. FOR ADMIN, TEACHERS, AND INSTRUCTIONAL PARAPROFESSIONALS Click HERE to register for this exciting event!

Impact 2019

Feb. 9, 2019

9:15 am

“Make an impact, not just an impression”

The Junior League presents the Impact speaker event with Dr. Rick Rigsby, author of Third Grade Dropout, a best-seller. He’s a former award-winning journalist, current internationally acclaimed speaker, & Texas A & M professor. This event is FREE when attendees sign up through Eduphoria by Feb. 7th. Sign up in Eduphoria at the link to the right. Dr. Rigbsy will sell and sign books after the event.


Teacher Leader Development Summit

Feb. 16, 2019



Teachers across Klein ISD will soon have the opportunity to reflect and learn experiences to accelerate their leadership development. The second Teacher Leadership Summit will be held at the Klein Multipurpose Center on February 16, 2019. This summit is open to any teacher who want tools, resources, and innovative opportunities to effectively serve as leaders on their campuses.

WorkPlace has Launched! You might have seen an email! Join!

Klein ISD is adopting an enhanced way of communicating across the District in early 2019. All employees will have full access to this powerful (and FREE) team-building collaboration tool. Learn more and sign up HERE.

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Wednesday 1/30/19 Klein ISD is hosting a training over the new personalization website called Thrively. The founder and CEO will be attending as well, so we would really like to have a good turnout. Right now we only have 8 people registered. Even if you or another teacher already has their update hours, these hours still count for SBE and exchange days. This program is something to use for extension, enrichment, and even research. Please be sure to spread the word if you haven’t yet, so that we can make sure our teachers are taking advantage of opportunities like this for growth and learning. Thank you for all you do!

Here is the link to sign up in Eduphoria: https://klein.schoolobjects.com//wshop/default.aspx?cid=50357

Templates That Rock - Here is a cool template from Meredith Akers you might want to try! Click to get a copy!

20 Formative Assessment Tools for Your Classroom

Wanting to change things up a bit in your classroom this semester? Check out the article below from Kasey Bell about 20 great formative assessment tools you can try in your classroom. There are several fabulous programs that you can try for warm-ups, lesson quick checks or exit tickets!


Want to know a little about personalized learning and experience a personalized learning simulation?

Click here and work your way through a Personalized Learning Hyperdoc.

Using Schoology Discussions

Online discussions through Schoology are a great way to bring in writing to any content area. Schoology Discussions

Check out these additional benefits of Discussions:

  • Gives all students a voice, especially our ELLs new to the language, student who are normally quiet in a classroom environment, or those who need more time to compile their thoughts.
  • Builds a community with peers and the teacher in an online environment.
  • Creates opportunities for students to practice and sharpen a number of skills, including the ability to articulate and defend positions, consider different points of view, and create in-depth reflective responses.
  • Empowers students to view and respond to their peers in a safe and respectful environment.
Big picture

Best Practices For Facilitating Successful Online Discussions:

According to Margaret A. Martyn (2005), author of “Using Interaction in Online Discussion Boards,” “Productive discussion does not happen automatically—it must be planned” (p. 61).

  • Define a Netiquette and Expectation Policy: In your assignment, provide a netiquette policy for all discussions and clarify what is expected from your students.
  • State a purpose: Be sure to tie in your course learning objectives into the discussion and how you want students to achieve those learning objectives. Do you want students to demonstrate their knowledge of key concepts or share a personal experience that relates to the topic?
  • Create clear instructions and grading: Clearly, state simple instructions and grading policy for participation in the discussion.
  • Pose open-ended questions: Use questions that will encourage students to explore, compare, discuss and reflect in their responses based on their own personal experiences. This may ignite an open and continuing dialogue with their peers.
  • Set limits: Think of how to manage your time in facilitating but also ensuring students are able to meet deadlines and posts meaningful posts. For example, set the length of student posts to a manageable amount for you and other students to review. For example, each post should be a minimum of 3 sentences. This will help students create in-depth and reflective posts within these parameters.
  • Ensure teacher presence: Engage students by interacting with them within the discussions. Clear up any confusion or questions. Compliment good posts and conversations. Ensure students to voice their responses in a safe online environment.


  • Look for weekly Hildebrandt Hub which will provide information about technology tips and upcoming trainings.

  • KleinLearns365 - easy access to helpful guides, videos, tutorials, textbooks, digital resources, web tools, applications, and more.

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