Sam invents textile mill machines

Samuel Slater

Samuel Slater,a skilled British mechanic disguised as a farmer and came to the U.S after he had carefully memorized the designs of textile mill machines.Samuel Slater then gave the idea of textile mill machines to the U.S..

More About Samuel Slater

Samuel Slater was born on June 9th 1768 and as an adult invented a system called the Rhode Island system .This system divided jobs into simple task.The workers working at his mill were provided with shelter and a company store where they could buy their needed necessities.Samuel Slater later on died on April 21st 1835

Sports In The 1800s


There were many sports in the 1800s but the most popular sports were racing horses ,boxing, football,and basket ball.Roger,Connor and Kid,Nichols both were athletes in the 1800s that played baseball.Peter,Jackson and Dan Creedon were also athletes in the 1800s that boxed.