News for the Week

September 28 - October 2, 2015

Academic Update

Math: We are introducing and exploring math books this week as it's a little bit different from 2nd grade. Also included in our topics this week: counting money, making change and a review of concepts from the entirety of Tema 1. The test will be early next week!

Literacy: Our topic for last week and a couple of days this week is "¡Leer es Pensar!" (Reading is Thinking). So far we have discussed making connections, likes/dislikes, visualization and what you can learn from the story. Our next two topics include: making predictions and thinking about the characters.

Intercambios: After a week of learning about communities, goods/services, producers/ consumers, discussing how to pricing should work in a business and beginning the process of planning their businesses.......the students are just about ready to start the construction process! I'm hoping the majority can start breaking ground today!

Spelling: This week is a single list of Spanish words. It has the pl/pr consonant combinations. Third grade NFSI will soon be starting a spelling program called Words Their Way.


plaza - square (town square)

premio - prize

protesta - protest

aprender - to learn

presento - I present

prestado - borrowed

aplicado - applied

plomo - lead (metal)

plátano - plantain

triple - triple

Monday smile :-) (I am 100% guilty with this one!)

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