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wow talk about a film!!! This is an Indian film that has gone way out of there legue to inprase, those thet love dramatic funny films. Parminder Nagra has expired all football players to play football. It has made those that were a fraid to embrase their many talents, become more comterable and incontroll of there talents. Parminder Nagra has also tort people that there is someone else out there who may like the same sports.This fantastic film is a movie all familyies would enjoy and feel happy that they have each other. Gurinder Chadha and her team of film makers have created the movie of the year.

Information About the Film

The title of the movie is called "Bend It Like Beckham". this movie was released on April 11 2002 , the movie made 3,500,159 a highs sum for what it is bend it like Beckham was also directed by Gurinder Chadha a British film director of sikh indian origin, most of her films explain and eplore the lives of indians living in the united kingdom.

Bend it Like Beckham Trailer
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1. Movie/film is fun and exciting ( the more you watch it the more you want to watch it )
2.Actresses are full of life and show alot of talent
3. film has been directed greatly and the right acting skills
4.Movie is for all and but might be a litle of pj rated

Gurinder Chadha

Gurinder Chadha is a British film drector of Bend it like Beckham
Born January 10, 1960 (age 53), Nairobi, kenya
Spouse:Paul Mayeda Berges
Childeren:Kumiko Berges,Ronak Berges
Nominations: Golden Globe Award for Best Film - Musical or Comedy, More.

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    ever all this move/film has been rated a perfect 8/10