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It is the Right Time to Buy a Yearbook

By Nathaniel Van Anne

Publications is selling yearbooks for $25 till the end of first semester. The price will then move up to $30 after semester. So buy now!

They are suckers for selfies also. They want your favorite pics of you and your friends for the yearbook. They’ll give you and the people in the picture sucker. Send your pictures to is for freshman only)

FCA Attends Weekend of Champions

By Rachel Rawlings

Gering High Schools FCA had the opportunity to attend a Weekend of Champions on November 6-8th in Grand Island.

Nine Freshman attended the conference. Nathan VanAnne, Jenna Balthazor, Olivia Schaub, Megan Maser, Justin Scott, Hassie Hood, Logan Moravec, Paige Lopez, and Brandyn Larsen.

All of the attendees were separated into huddles to meet different people and learn together. They experienced team building activities and games.

They heard from guest speakers, learned about a personal relationship with God, how to do sports God’s way, growing your relationship with Christ, and how to be specific when you pray.

“It was very fun,” Nathan VanAnne said, “I got to connect with other Christians from around Nebraska and got closer to the people in my huddle.”

Put on Your Thinking Cap

By Gracie Batt

Trivia style competitions have continued on for the GJHS quiz bowl teams. They are progressing well through the season. In October, 8th graders took first place at a tournament in Kimball.

The most recent tournament was the online Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl Competition. With a much less formal setting than a typical quiz bowl meet, the students compete in the classroom seated at their desks like any ordinary school day.

“We had fun practicing for the online tournament because students are able to shout out answers” said, 8th grade coach, Amanda Hadenfeldt. In this match, 7th graders placed 5th out of 20 teams, 8th graders won 10th of 22 teams.

The teams are taking a short break. They will not practice or compete again until this upcoming spring.

Are YOU Ready for Formal?

By Blanca Muñoz

This year Gering Freshman Academy Student Council has been busily planning the Freshman Formal. After a vote from the student body, they have decided to have the theme as Winter Wonderland.

The Formal will be held on January 16th, in the Gering Freshman Academy Commons. It will be $3 to get in.

Doors will open at 7:45, but the dance will start at 8 and end at 11.

Dress code will be enforced. No denim jeans will be allowed, but colored jeans are. No exposed midriffs, or cutouts on clothes.

Students will not be allowed to leave the building and reenter.

Also, no outside dates will be allowed from Scottsbluff, the high school, etc.

Come to this year’s formal, and be ready for a night to remember!


By Hannah Coleman

The formal is approaching very soon and you know what that means! Most girls will be hoping for a date!

Some guys may not know this, but you can easily get a date by using chivalry.

According to, chivalry is a honorable and polite way of behaving especially toward women.

So to follow the topic of chivalry, I asked some of the freshmen student body about chivalry. I asked the boys to describe how they would treat a formal date, and I also asked the girls how they expect to be treated as a formal date.

Here’s what they said:

  • “To be nice about it and make it cute.” -Abbi Mick
  • “To be polite, not cocky, and be themselves” - Paige Lopez and Jenna Balthazor
  • “Act like himself.”- Samantha Stamper
  • “Be polite. ask her how she’s feeling, escort her to the formal, dance with her, and be nice.” - Logan Murdock
  • “Open the door for her, ask her to dance, lead her to the floor, I wouldn’t dance to the best of my abilities so she wouldn’t feel discouraged because I’m so good.” -Logan Moravec
  • “I would treat her like a princess, buy her flowers, and wear a nice suit.” -Jonathan Scribner
  • “Open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the dinosaur!” -Derek Sabala
  • “I would not treat her to make her feel uncomfortable.” - Jeremiah Contreras
  • “I would get her flowers, get her candy, and take her to a nice place.”- Spencer Lenoir
  • “Like royalty.” - Jabe Simonton

Finding Hidden Talent

By Megan Maser

I recently interviewed Alyssa Urwin. She thinks that people see her as average or unpopular, but I couldn’t disagree more.

Urwin’s piano skills greatly surpass the standards of “average.” According to Urwin, her mom put her in piano lessons when she was young, and 9 years later, she still takes an interest in playing.

Playing piano is one of her favorite hobbies, but she also enjoys softball, soccer, basketball, and band.

Clearly, Urwin is very talented and plans on using her talents to pursue many incredible things in the future. Some of her future goals include graduating from a college university and becoming a cardiac surgeon.

For those of you who didn’t know these things, or were surprised by these facts, should take the time to dig deeper and learn about other students outside of your group of friends. It is amazing what you can learn about someone by just asking a few, simple questions.

Hardin's Health Tips

Watch the Weight Loss

By Jaela Hardin

Wrestling season has begun. While for many of you that means wrestling meets, intense practices, and being a fan in the stands, for others it means something else.

Losing weight is a frequent goal for many wrestlers. In the sport, your weight class matters, and thus, so does your weight.

Common ways for losing weight include innocent ideas such as eating healthier and exercising beyond practice, but that’s not why this article is under the health column.

Some wrestlers achieve their weight by skipping meals, or by outrageous measures such as piling on layers of clothing and plastic while they exercise.

Here’s the catch; making yourself sweat outrageously does not improve weight loss. According to, any weight lost from this is water weight. Therefore, the risks of this method include electrolyte imbalance, muscle wasting, and dehydration.

As for skipping meals, states that the risks range from nutrient loss, muscle loss, weakening of the immune system, greater risk for disease, and much more.

Whether you felt pudgy when you woke up this morning, or you have a wrestling meet tomorrow please note that your body is only as good as what you offer it. You can’t battle both your weight and your opponent.

Paw Prints Staff

Staff members include: Nathan Van Anne, Megan Maser, Lauren Whaley, Gina Anthony, Ava Marez, Mary Newman, Salma Silva, Hannah Coleman, Gracie Batt, Jaela Hardin, Alaina Millay, Rachel Rawlings, Blanca Muñoz, and Gabby Gonzalez-Orozco.