Health Care

Right to Protection

Article 24

You have the right to the best health care possible, safe water to drink, nutritious food, a clean safe environment, and information to help you stay well.

Children are entitled to the right medical care.

Third world countries like South Africa suffer from deadly diseases like HIV and Tuberculosis. One of the main reasons for these problems is that there is a shortage on doctors. The ratio of doctors to population, is about 1 per 1,000.

US vs. Other Countries

In the United States, we are lucky enough to be a weathly country where most of our citizens are insured and there is little poverty. However, in other countires, they are not as privilaged.

  • According to the UNHCO, 273 deaths from Cholera have been confirmed in Sierra Leone, and 18,919 cases have been reported within the country
  • This is only one disease from one country, meaning that the number of deaths in all 3rd world countries is exponentially higher

Money Issues

Another problem that denies some 3rd world countries the right medical attention for their children is lack of money to pay for medicine. Many families die every day because they cannot afford the $10,000 AIDS medication, on a $1 a day income.

This video shows not that not only lack of medicine is a problem, but also lack of food.

Global Health Issue - Malnutrition

How can you help?

This is a link to UHNO you can visit to help developing countries


The United Health Care Organization works worldwide helping those in developing countries that suffer from poverty and lack of medical care. By reading the website you can learn about the projects they are endorcing an dsee how you can help.