How can we make people aware of invisible populations?

Giving to the homeless

The young men handing out the food and water also are looking at the person’s other needs, such as shoes and clothes. They take this into account and give them their other necessities. In the video, I saw some people looking at the homeless and the men handing out the food, but not many. This shows how people pay so little attention that they don’t even notice something good; that they’re getting food. It seems like the people don’t want to get involved because for them, it’s like once the help someone, they have to do a lot of extra work for the other homeless out on the street. They don’t have to. One small favor is better than doing nothing. Yes, it is good if you do more than that, but giving a bottle of water or ten dollars means a lot to them. Even saying hello might make their day. (Giving to the homeless).

Social Experiment

People going about their daily life and walking down the street can’t even recognize their own family members, even if they are dressed up as homeless people.

This shows that people don’t think much of homeless people, because they probably don’t want to get involved. I feel guilty admitting this, but I’ve done similar things. Not that I have seen lots of homeless people on the street, but when I do, I sometimes give them a quick look and the just walk on. This is where we need to improve, so instead of ignoring them, just try to do anything that might help them. It will make a difference. (People ignore family members dressed as homeless).

Things Not Seen

In the real world, with invisible populations, they don’t mean literally invisible, but Bobby, the main character, is really invisible. This is different than the other two sources but not as much as you would think, because the nation’s homeless are sometimes just as invisible as Bobby is.

But they weren’t always that way. Once they started living out on the streets, they faded and faded until no one paid them any attention. In Bobby’s case, he tried to avoid attention, but the effects on his feelings were the same. He didn’t like the thought of never getting back and never being realized by anyone. I’m sure that people that are living on the street feel that all the time, except they can see themselves.

What does all this mean?

We can raise awareness of these invisible populations and people by doing something similar to what the men in the video "Giving to the homeless" did. We can also support/start campaigns to donate anything (food, clothes, money, etc.) This will give the local and possibly national homeless and poor a chance for a better life.

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