Newsletter Week 5 Term 1

Shelly Park School - Wednesday 1 March 2023


Dear Parents and Whānau

Over the last year we have been working on our school kaupapa. We will shortly have this visually up around our school, but it basically shares the things we stand for as a school and a little about our local area.

During this year, I would like to dissect our kaupapa and explain in a little more depth the importance of each part of the kaupapa, and why it's important to us at Shelly Park.

I will begin with our school values. We have three of them, and the one I am going to focus on this week is RESPECT. The word respect is situated in the constellation of the Matariki stars in our kaupapa. We have purposefully put our values in the stars as we want our students to reach for these and to aim as high as they possibly can. This is what we want to grow in our students - We show whakaute (respect) for ourselves and others. We value our kiwi uniqueness and look to learn from the past to create a bright future.

While respect will look different in the households our children come from, we want our students to have a shared understanding of what this looks at Shelly Park. We want students to respect themselves, to respect their teachers, one another and the environment around them. Respect is both given and earned and our aim is to help grow students who develop their understanding of this value through their years at Shelly Park.

A reminder about our Family Picnic on Friday March 10. Please come down to the school (junior field) from 5pm - 7pm. The PTA will be running a sausage sizzle, and will be providing some cold drinks. We would love to see all families as this is a great chance to get together as a community. The pool will be open, so pray for a fine evening.

Yesterday, we sent out our school donation invoices. As I said in my talk a the Pod Information Evening, this donation is really important to help the school provide the best opportunities for your children. This helps to pay for our amazing teachers aides, new technology equipment, classroom furniture, our play grounds, school canopy and many other things. Remember that a third of your donation can be claimed back from the IRD.

Ngā mihi

Ed Roper

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PTA News

Wednesday 1st March 2023

Chair: Kieran Lewis Treasurer: Brent Batten

Secretary: Nicola Fletcher-Williams and Danelle Cresswell


Next PTA Meeting date: Tuesday 13th March 2023 @ 7:30pm

PTA AGM March 13th

This will be held on Monday, 13th March in the staffroom.

Do you sometimes wish you knew more about what’s happening at school? Do you want to meet other parents and caregivers? Would you like to have a say in what fundraising & community events take place? Come along to a PTA meeting and start ticking off the list!

Every parent, grandparent and caregiver is automatically a member of the PTA and we would love to see you.

Chairperson and Treasurer roles

We are seeking expressions of interest in those who may like to take on the role of Chairperson or Treasurer as the two year term of these roles has come to an end. We are looking for enthusiastic people to take over from Brent (current treasurer) and Kieran (current chair). They will support the new people in these roles as much as required once the role is taken on.


This is an exciting role within the PTA and would be a great fit for any parent who is well settled into Shelly Park school life, or have been involved with our fundraising events throughout the year. The ideal candidate will be well-organised and always up for a challenge!

Chairperson Role:

● Liaise closely with the School Principal, the Board of Trustees Chairperson and maintain a working relationship with them

● Produce an agenda for each meeting in consultation with the Secretary

● Review PTA meeting minutes

● Input towards the PTA content of the school newsletter

● Perform other duties ordinarily associated with the role of a Chairperson

● Presides at all Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings

● This role has a casting vote as well as a personal vote at all such meetings

● Approval of payments from the PTA bank account

● Work with both the Treasurer and Secretary as required


The treasurer is responsible for overseeing all financial aspects of the PTA, and whilst a background in finance is not a requirement, a general interest and understanding of financials / accounts would be a bonus in this role. The ideal candidate would need to be able to allocate time to maintaining / reconciling accounts on a roughly fortnightly basis, to ensure everything is kept up to date and in reasonable order. The PTA utilises Xero for its accounting.

Treasurer Role:

● Shall have the custody of all funds, account for the same.

● Prepare financial reports for the PTA Meetings monthly.

● Prepare and have complete the accounts for audit and have the annual financial statements available for presentation at the AGM in March.

● Perform such other duties as pertain to the office of Treasurer.

To ensure the continuity of the PTA, it’s imperative that we fill the outgoing role/s soon and with a transition, so the wealth of invaluable PTA knowledge can continue on. Please don’t hesitate to contact the PTA for more information about what each role entails, how much time it takes each month etc


Date: Friday 3rd March

Time: 8.30-9.15am

Location: School Hall Foyer

The second hand uniform shop is back for 2023 with lots of stock, lower prices and EFTPOS now available! Come see us this Friday or mark your calendars for our next shop opening on Friday March 31st. The shop is open 2-3 times per term and upcoming dates will be advertised in the school newsletter and on the facebook pages. If you need uniform urgently in between these times, please contact us on

Thanks to all the families who have recently donated uniform to sell. All of the proceeds from uniform sales goes straight back into our school, helping to fund projects like the new junior playground. This is a really easy way to help out the school and keep uniform costs affordable for us all. Donations can be dropped off at the office anytime or to the school hall when the uniform shop is open. We also offer a service to sell uniform on your behalf for a small fee per item. If you’d like us to take the hassle out of selling for you, please drop off your uniform as above but clearly marked with your name, contact details and bank account number.

If we’ve not got what you need in stock, the Shelly Park School Second Hand Buy and Sell facebook page is also there for you to request specific items or sell uniform directly to others.

Entertainment Book

Thank you to those who have recently purchased an entertainment book. The PTA truly does appreciate the extra funds that the school gains from each purchase. All memberships last 12 months from the date of purchase.

Every membership sold gives 20% back to our school! Please support our school with this fundraiser, and share this link with family, friends and work colleagues. Use this link to find out more!

2023 Dates for PTA Meetings

13th March, 4th April, 8th May, 6th June, 18th July, 7th August, 5th September, 9th October, 14th November, 4th December

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Term 1 Events

  • 1 March - Out of Zone Ballot for Term 2 closes
  • 2 March - Aqua Fun Day
  • 6 March - Cohort Entry 2 begins
  • 8 March - HPPA Softball Day - 9:30am - 2:30pm
  • 10 March - (Potential) SPS Family Picnic/BBQ - 5:00pm - 7:00pm
  • 15 March - Photo Life Class Photos - All Day
  • 17 March - HPPA Swimming Sports
  • 22 March - New Parent Meeting - 11:00am - 11:45am
  • 29 March - SPS Triathlon
  • 3 April - 6 April - Pod 4 Camp
  • 6 April - Term 1 Ends