Checking in With Students

Tools to check in with students during stressful times.

Checking in with students under normal circumstances is something teachers do on a regular basis. From casual conversations to formal mentoring meetings, it's a part of the experience of being a dedicated, caring educator. When distance, absence, or emergencies become an issue, and students and teachers don't have their normal school-based interactions, we need tools to be able to check in occasionally. Here are a few that you could consider!

Mental Health Check In

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Many teachers as part of their class routine have boards in their classrooms where students can indicate how they are feeling, prompting the teacher to give a more thorough check in with those students that need help. This digital version of that "move the sticky" check-in uses Jamboard, a picture background and a "Me" sticker. The teacher can share this Jamboard in Google Classroom (make a copy for each student), or force students to make a copy using the link below.
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Flipgrid is a great tool to do asynchronous video check ins, responses to prompts, and a ton of other activities. You can use this prompt as an example, or create your own easily in the Educator Dashboard of Flipgrid (it's free and connects with Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, and other platforms).
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Google Forms are great ways to collect information from a variety of sources. Depending on what you are looking for in terms of a general check-in with students, this form can serve as a starting point for you. Click the button below to check out the form and make a copy you can edit and share with your students!