Counselor's Corner

October Edition

Our Lesson This Month

This month we celebrate Red Ribbon Week at the end of the month. Our focus is on healthy choices, conflict resolution, and being kind to others at school and on the internet. We are also collecting donations for our local food pantry, Community Link (

Join us in celebrating Red Ribbon Week by participating in our dress up days and can food donations.

Monday, October 26th

Donation: Macaroni & Cheese

Copper Creek Cowboys are “Red”-y to be healthy and make the world a kinder place! – Wear red.

Tuesday, October 27th

Donation: Chicken Noodle or other canned Soup

Copper Creek Cowboys are a stronger team together – Wear your favorite team jersey or shirt.

Wednesday, October 28th

Donation: Rice, beans or dry pasta

Be all that you can be, kind & healthy! – Wear camo.

Thursday, October 29th

Donation: Canned Ravioli or Spaghetti O’s

Copper Creek Cowboys are WILD about being healthy and kind! – Wear animal print or crazy hair.

Friday, October 30th

Donation: Peanut Butter

Hocus pocus, being healthy and kind is our focus! – Wear a school appropriate costume. No Halloween masks or accessories.

Coming Soon!! Generation Texas month kicks off in November and our students will learn about various careers in the community and how it's never too early to start thinking about your future.

Cyberbullying & Internet Safety

As parents we want to ensure our children's safety in all that they do. In today's world our children have access to technology and with it comes great responsibility. Unfortunately, not all people on the other side of the screen are kind. Cyberbullying can take place in many different ways on the internet. Please use the tips and links below to learn more about how to keep your kids safe on the internet and to protect them from Cyberbullying.

Tips for your kids- 3 Things to Protect Yourself from Cyberbullying:

1. Make sure mom and dad know every time you are on-line

2. Only play games on line or chat with friends you and your parents know

3. Let your mom and dad know any time someone is mean, rude, or uses foul language with you on-line

Tip for Parents- How to keep your kids safe On-Line:

1. Keep computer in common area and make rule about your kids not going on-line without your permission

2. Make it your business to know who they encounter or talk to on-line - be close by whenever they are on-line

3. Remind them to come and tell you when someone is being rude, or uses foul language with them. Most social sites have a way to report and that on-line behavior must be reported.

Internet Safety Sites that help teach kids and parents how to protect against Cyberbullying:

Friends For Life If you would like to report Cyberbullying use this link

Netsmartz Videos for kids and information for parents on Cyberbullying and Internet Safety

Common Sense Media Videos for parents on Internet Safety

Great Books On Kindness!

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Helpful District Links

Please visit our website for the latest Covid-19 information here as well as our Distance Learning Counseling webpage here. If you are in need of resources, please click here

How To Create A Calm Down Corner At Home

Watch this video to learn a few things you to use at home to create a spot to calm down. I'll also have some extra calming strategies try.

Calm Corner Video

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How to make a counseling referral

At Copper Creek Elementary our student's social emotional needs are a top priority. Mrs. White can offer brief one on one short-term visits to address your child's needs. Once the referral is received, I will contact you to discuss the referral.

Please click on the link below to submit a request.

Counseling Referral Form