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Plot Outline

Exposition:setting New Orleans,Characters marie-grace,papa, mademoisselle ocean,cecile rey.

TE:it takes place in New Orleans. chapter one home again Rising Action:she went back to home town New Orleans.

TE:she went back to New Orleans becuse her dad was going to work there.

Climax:her dad said that she was able to go take music class with Mademoisselle ocean.

TE:one mornig her dad she could take music with mademoisselle ocean.

Falling Action:she gets bullyed in school and she can help it.

TE:that is in chapter four

Resolution:she tellls her that she is a mean girl and a bully and then she tells her sorry and they became friends.

TE:in chapter six


man v.s man: marie grace has been bullyed by lavina halsworth and her friends in school. they make her feel bad becuse she messed up in her french class becuse

she had forgot her french. becuse her dad had been moving for someany years and it was her first time going to school in New Orleans she had only go to schools that talk onlyenglish she her dad had to tech her a little french and she had kind of fogot it a little bit and now she mess it up a little bit.

TE:in chapter four

Protagonist:marie-grace is the good girl and her family and friend she is so nice to everyone and she is a jentel girl with family and friends.

TE:she helped her dad at the office with some kids that got hurt and had cuts on there body.page34,35

Antagonist:lavinia halsworth is the mean girl in the story she only hangs out with girls that are rich and hate everyone and only like her friends.


4 Facts About Your Historical Time Period

Fact1:she movied to New Orleans to her old home.

Fact2:she went to the parades with unlce luc and meet lavinia.

Fact3:she went to a big house and meet cecile rey and mademoiselle ocean and she told her if she could take music lessons with her.

Fact4: she goes to school and takes music lessons.