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November/December 2020


Teachers are available for help during Academic Support 7:45 to 8:20 and office hours during their regular scheduled class time. The information about how to connect with staff should be on the teacher's Schoology page.


We know this year has been crazy and it has been really hard to stay in touch with all of you - but we are working to change that!

To stay involved and up to date on what’s happening at Horizon, please follow the Student Government instagram page (@hhs_studgov). On this page we will be posting giveaways, highlights from clubs, information on spirit weeks, wellness advice, motivational quotes, and more!

This page is also open to any and all suggestions, so if you have any ideas for what the page and Student Government should do, you can DM us.

Have a great day Hawks!

HHS Student Government Team

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Thank you again to those students who have gotten their ALP’s done! We ended up with an 85% completion rate. Given I was not able to visit them in class this is a good % while being remote.

To be completely informed please check your email that is

related to Naviance.

Parent View in Naviance

How do parents get their login information?

Counselors can provide them with their access code to get a parent log in. Or they can auto register them using their email that is provided in Naviance. Parents can also use their student’s login information.

It used to be called Family Connection, what is it now?

It is called Naviance Student now.

What components of the ICAP can parents see? All of it?

They can see anything the student has completed, including results of assessments and surveys. They cannot, however, do anything for their student (ie. they can't take the survey for the student)

Is there a specific way for parents to see the ALP survey results?

They can view the answers to the survey in the same way the students see their answers (about me<my surveys<surveys completed).


If you have completed your ALP and have an activity (lessons, registration fees for sports or other extracurricular activities) that you paid for then we can give you some $$ to go towards that. We are unable to pay for SAT/ACT/AP testing fees, we are sorry and have asked the state many times and the answer has not changed. It never hurts to ask, so please ask if you think your activity might apply. Please see the welcome letter for the grant application.

If you are interested in GT zoom meetings

Questions? contact Julie Hewitt at:


Winter Sports


Winter (Season B) Sports online registration opens December 7th. The registration site is found on the Horizon website under the "Athletics" tab.

Season B sports include Boys'/Girls' Basketball, Girls' Swim and Wrestling

Registration will close December 17th. Please be sure to upload a current physical and pay the Athletic Participation Fee on PayForIt.net (found under "optional fees").


This historic year is different. The yearbook is going to be different, too. You will want to order your student’s copy of this unique book. We promise it’s one you won’t want to miss! Visit www.jostensyearbooks.com to order yours by November 6th for the lowest price!

Physical Education at Home

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Do you currently have a PE class? YES?! That is great because now you get to be MOVING at home. It looks different but yes we are up and moving our bodies each day. Please remember to have a safe space, water and proper clothing and shoes. Exercise and daily physical activity is vital to our health and there are so many benefits.

  • Stress and anxiety relief

  • Increase in energy levels

  • Better sleep & mood

  • Higher self esteem

  • Mental focus

Library and Technology Updates

Staff Contact Information

Sara Poinier, Digital Literacy Teacher Librarian sara.poinier@adams12.org 720-972-4590

Cheryl Johannsen, Media Technician, cheryl.johannsen@adams12.org 720-972-2500

Alex Batmanglidj, Building Technology Coordinator, alex.batmanglidj@adams12.org 720-972-4527

Stay tuned to the library website and Twitter account (@HHSHawksLib) so you are up to date on library book check out procedures. If you have a book out, simply hang on to it until we have our next opportunity for book pick up/drop off. Feel free to email Ms. Poinier or Mrs. Johannsen to request a renewal.

Is your student doing research for class? Make sure that they are using NoodleTools to create their bibliography/works cited page. Check out this tutorial for more information about how to use Noodle Tools.

Are you running into tech issues during school? You can now fill out this form and Alex Batmanglidj, our building technology coordinator, or Ms. Poinier, our digital literacy teacher librarian, will respond ASAP.

Has your computer, laptop or chromebook started to fail you? Get a district chromebook! Contact Mrs. Johannsen or Ms. Poinier to check one out.

Free Meals

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Thanksgiving Break 23rd-27th

Winter Break December 21st thru January 1st

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