Ana Chacin: Your Future President

Vote for me as president to vote for justice.

Who am I?

My name is Ana Paula Chacin, and I am a candidate for becoming class president. My form of government would be a capitalistic republic, which you should definitely choose because it would benefit you in many different ways! I will make you happier and you can assure that things will be more fair in class.
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Let's make our class better!

Other great republican presidents:

Why should you vote for me? What is a republic?

I chose this government because in a republic, the ruler is a president and the president can get help from his government partners (vice presidents, secretary, advisors, etc.). A charter runs the ideas and the president announces them. People have their rights and can do anything they want with their money and what they produce, but the government is still in power. The people work for their own benefit more than for the government, and this means the ruling is fair. This provides freedom in a way and makes people feel they have a voice. Republics are also successful. The Roman Republic, for example, was one of the good governments in history that didn’t have much trouble. Republic presidents are elegible by the people. Power is sustained by the people and the government.

You should vote for me because I will make the classroom better by getting rid of rules you don’t like, and my government will be fair. I will make you feel free and in a better place. The class will now be organized and people will gain what they deserve. My system will be stable and I am willing to overcome any challenges to make the people happy.

Rules to follow / policies

  1. Candy for the people who work the most in class
  2. 2. No tests, only quizzes
  3. 3. Less classwork
  4. 4. Fun Fridays; fun activity for 30 mins. Each Friday
  5. 5. More informative games/simulations


NEVER CHOOSE A MONARCHY AS A GOVERNMENT. I am telling you this for your own good, and because it is a fact that monarchies don’t work. A monarchy is a type of government where the ruler is a queen or a king, and if you are in disagreement with the ruler’s ideology, you can’t elect another one. The monarch will rule until its descendents take their place, and they will probably go on with the traditional ruling you don’t like. A monarchy fully depends on the monarch’s rule, so if the person ruling doesn’t know how to overcome problems with its country, the system falls apart and there is nothing you can do. Facts: Some monarchies are religious, such as papacies. They are sometimes known as monarchies, too, and they are said to be “elected by God”. An example of an actual monarchy was the Roman Empire, and it eventually collapsed. You don’t want this type of rule for our class.


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