Mrs. Mack's 2nd Grade Classroom

Weekly Newsletter - Week of 2/15/16

What's Happening This Week!

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CoGat Testing - All 2nd graders will complete our District's CoGat Testing the week of February 22-26. While this test is used to nominate our Gifted Students to the program, it is also good practice for future standardized testing. More information can be found here: CoGat Testing/Gifted Screening Process

AR Reading - Please continue to encourage your child to read their library books and take AR Tests here at school. It is a great way for them and you to track their reading comprehension skills.

Reading Homework - With starting our 2nd Semester of school, our weekly reading homework is going to change slightly. Students will still receive a Phonics Packet on Monday and due Friday. However, instead of our Reading Logs, students will have an Independent Reading Packet given on Monday and due Friday. The first one will be sent home Tuesday, Feb.16. Please complete the "Must Do" item plus 3 additional items using the attached pages. I will also go over this with your students. We hope that reading time continues to be engaging and beneficial for all!

Thank you to everyone that attended conferences!

Celebrity of the Week - Omar!

What are we Learning?

Reading - We are continuing our new Social Studies unit on Citizenship. Students are learning how to find evidence to support the Essential Question: "What are the Characteristics of a Good Citizen?" We will read about notable figures in history such as Benjamin Franklin and how they were good citizens. Students will also learn social studies content vocabulary about voting.

Phonics/Spelling - Unit 11: Long E spelled ee, ea.

Trick Words (Unit 11): whose, won, son, breakfast, head, ready

Writing - This week will begin our Poetry Writing Unit. Students will first explore the poetry genre through books, activities, and trying out a poem of their own.

Math - We are moving on to Unit 4, "Three-Digit Subtraction and Addition". We will continue to practice regrouping for addition and subtraction as well as reviewing Place Value. IXL Topics are listed below. We will practice these here at school as well. Feel free to practice at home for extra support!

IXL Topics:

I.1 Add Multiples of 100

I.2 Addition with Three Digit Numbers

J.1 Subtract Multiples of 100

J.2 Subtraction with Three Digit Numbers

Social Studies- Our Social Studies focus is that of Citizenship and Government. We will continue to study our Presidents with a brief research project. We will also learn more about the voting process and our Nation!

Important Dates to Remember

~No School, Monday, Feb. 15 - President's Day

~ CoGat Testing (For Gifted Nominations) - February 22 - 26