Pre-Calculus News Week 13

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A Note from Mrs. Gironda

Happy Sunday!

We are concluding our study of trigonometric graphs this week and I am extremely impressed with the incredible projects that were turned in this week! We had delicious (and mathematically accurate) cookie cakes, functioning clocks, DJ turntables, hand-embroidered masterpieces, and more! I will include more photos next week after I complete grading them, but needless to say I am happy!

This week, after our test on Wednesday, will begin looking at trigonometric identities! These are very much like a puzzle and one of the first times students usually experience the difference between mathematically correct work and mathematically useful work. Often this can lead to some frustration, but these can be constructive! Frustrations are often how we learn most meaningfully and I encourage your student to not be afraid to be wrong this week! It's the best way to learn!

Please check the note about this week's schedule below, as I will be away for 3 days this week. I will still be available by email!

As always, if you need anything or have any questions, email me!

This Week's Schedule

I am lucky to be attending the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference next week (11/18-11/20) in Nashville with the STEM math teachers. This does mean I will miss a few days of school, but I am also learning a lot to bring back to share with my classes! As a result:
  • There will be no extra help any day after school next week
  • There will only be POWER extra help on Monday and Tuesday
  • I will be available by email if needed at the conference!
  • All student assignments will be managed through Canvas, which student should check daily

Students will not get behind while I am away. They will have videos to watch, assignments to complete, etc. Please remind your student that even if they have a substitute, they are still responsible for learning the material and emailing for help if needed!

Class Notes!