The Zulu

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Front of Zulu.

Types of motions in The Zulu

On the Zulu the cars are going in a circular motion while the ride in general is going in straight line motion when it rises.

How acceleration changes on the Zulu

When the ride starts the ride begins spinning slowly. Once it gains enough speed the ride slowly begins to rise to a 90 degree angle. Then when the ride is ending the ride comes down from the 90 degree angle and slows to a stop.

Forces acting on the rider during the ride.

On the ride the you will experience gravity when the ride starts spinning it will slowly push you against the back of the cart. Gravity can also be acting on you when your starting to rise gravity will keep you from falling out.

Forces acting on the Zulu

One force that is acting on Zulu is friction when the ride is slowing down trying to stop the carts. Another force that is acting on the ride is gravity when the ride starts gravity causes the carts to fling out at a 90 degree angle.

Newtons First law acting on the Zulu

When the ride is not in motion it will stay at rest until the person working the machine decides to start it.
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The Zulu (Off-Ride)