Week of 1/11/16-1/15/16

Parent Tips:

**Parents: Enclosed in this weeks homework is a green sheet titled "Four in a Row", however we only complete homework three nights a week!? Not to worry, we will complete our third box in class on Wednesday just in case anyone has anxiety over not being able to complete all four boxes!

Today we started Math Chapter 4 on double-digit subtracting with regrouping! Our plan is to quickly review this chapter and move right into Chapter 7- triple digit subtraction with regrouping. Please discuss the concepts of TAKE-AWAY/MINUS/ or SUBTRACT whenever appropriate this week with your child. The students appear to have the most trouble with these concept in word problems. The majority of our word problems up to this point have focused on "in all" and "total". They will start to see new buzz words like "have left" or "how many more". Dinnertime is a great time to model real life examples of word problems. "Miss Abby put a basket of 5 dinner rolls on the table for supper that evening but Dr. Kulka ate 3 of the dinner rolls before anyone else arrived at the table, HOW MANY rolls were left for the others to eat?" Have your child create a word problem for you as well! A second grade goal is to learn triple digit subtraction with regrouping. I am confident the children will master this skill. It is those pesky word problems that continue to trip us up!

One last note: Mr. Mitchell has requested that everyone review the cold weather dress code. Only approved Woodward clothing is allowed.


  1. Math- Am I ready? p.84
  2. Reading- Complete night one of "Four in a Row"
  3. Spelling- Monday's word sort


  1. Math- Chapter 4 Overview p. 215-218
  2. Reading- Complete night two of "Four in a Row"
  3. Spelling- Tuesday's word sort


  1. Math- Lesson 1- p.227 & 228
  2. Reading- Complete night four of "Four in a Row"
  3. Spelling- Thursday's word sort

Friday- No Homework! No School on Monday!