Superintendent Bahr's Newsletter

February 2021


Dear Eatonville Community,

February is the month of sweethearts and love, of longer days and shortening nights. The word love is awesome in that it can be a noun or a verb. This past weekend, on January 30th, Eatonville High School hosted an event that has not been at any school for several generations. A Herculean event with a strong partnership with Kirk Heinz, Kirk’s Pharmacy and the Eatonville School District. We jumped at the chance to assist the medical professionals in holding space for and manning the operations to host a COVID Vaccine event for 1,000 walk ups. We had a week to prepare, and many partners came to our assistance. The Tacoma Pierce County Health Department provided vaccines, EMS provided technical assistance and materials such as PPE, Doctors and nurses came to volunteer and the school staff volunteered time, food and provisions. What a week it was with preparations.

However, nothing prepared me for the experience, and I do not mean the traffic, logistics or long hours. Nothing prepared me for how this experience made me feel. Early in the morning, giving out tickets to hundreds of cold people who had waited in line for hours and some overnight, I saw their relief and happiness. Some were so elderly, they pushed their wheelchairs or walkers up the sidewalk laden with cracks and rocks. Given a colored ticket to come back for their appointment, they beamed and yelled, “Hooray!”.

Later, when we were vaccinating 150 people per hour, I was able to see each one as they went to the team of two who would administer their shot. I saw so many tears of joy, comments of gratefulness and smiles behind the masks. I thought many times of my own parents so far across the states, and hoped that someone would treat them as kindly as all of the volunteers that day. I hoped that their communities would embrace them to make their vaccination not just a shot, but an event filled with joy.

Cheering after they got the injection, they went to sit in the gym for 15 minutes. The gym was filled with hope. Many selfies were taken along with comments about the beautiful gym floors. In the gym, I tracked down a character named, Knute Orton. You see Knute caught my eye as he ambled over to get his shot. Hunched over his cane, he moved with determination far ahead of his companion. I asked to take his picture. He said “Yes, Do you want me to take off my mask. You know I had COVID in the Spring in my home and survived it. I am 90 years old.” His companion stated, “No, Knute you have to keep the mask on...for your safety”.

I laughed and asked him if he was Norwegian or Swedish with a name like Knute. He said he was Norwegian and I told him that I was too and that we were kindred spirits!! He laughed and said, “We were Vikings: strong and tough!”. He was coming back to see me in 28 days for his second dose!

As I walked away I was struck in my heart with a realization that this event saved the lives of so many who were needing hope. Many who had not been out for a year, at least not with so many people. All of the volunteers spoke with so many people who wanted to tell us their story: of wanting to live, of what they have done during the pandemic and one woman who told me she had not hugged anyone for close to a year. This comment took my breath away and still does. To not feel the touch of another person in a hug for that long is unimaginable.

Miracles happened this day. Hope was reignited and friendships were made. We will have this amazing group of 1,000 back on February 27, 2021. I can’t wait to see them and assist them in getting their second dose. A party will ensue that day.

May we thank medicine and the hearts and hands of those who serve. The volunteers and the medical professionals made this event happen: with love, laughter and great commitment.

Whether love is a verb or a noun, it looks like action and takes care of the most vulnerable. It cherishes and has tenderness for those in need. It wells up in your throat as you see so many people grateful for their lives. The possibility of vanquishing this terrible pandemic that has stolen so many lives and impacted us all. Thank you Kirk, you are a dear friend to our town, your heart is BIG!

We look forward to reopening schools to our students this month. We have partnered with so many organizations to ensure the protocols and strategies are as safe and aligned to the CDC/OSPI Guidelines. We know that face-to-face instruction is so important and we will work hard to keep our staff and students safe.

And as your Superintendent, I am so grateful for such a caring and compassionate community who takes care of people. The willingness to do what is hard and good is demonstrated every day in Eatonville Schools.

This month is about Love, making it visible and showing our children and grandchildren that it is an active verb. One that is humble, and tender and works resolutely for the betterment of all.

I can’t wait to see my Viking friend of 90! I can’t wait to see our children learn and thrive this month!


Krestin Bahr


Covid Vaccine Clinc

Black History Month

February 1st marks the start of Black History Month also known as African American History Month.

Please click the link for: 21 inspiring quotes to share with your children for Black History Month and beyond.

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Black History Information

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Preschool Students Returned January 19th

Elementary Group B Returned January 21st

Elementary Group A Returned January 25th

Welcome Back, 6th-12th Grade Video

Secondary Return

Secondary Return to Learn Parent Q&A

Join us for a virtual discussion on Monday, February 1st at 6:00pm with Eatonville School District officials and Dr. Kondal, a board certified Infectious Disease Physician.

This will be a scientific, data driven conversation regarding the return of our secondary students to in-person learning.

Parents will have an opportunity to have their questions answered through submitting questions via the link below.

Click here to submit questions in advance.

Click this link to join the virtual meeting.

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National School Counseling Week

National School Counseling Week 2021 is here!

School Counselors: All In for All Students.

School Counseling Week is Feb. 1-5, 2021, to focus public attention on the unique contribution of school counselors within U.S. school systems. National School Counseling Week, sponsored by ASCA, highlights the tremendous impact school counselors can have in helping students achieve school success and plan for a career.

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How do students feel about being back at school?

Elementary students are ecstatic to be back at school! Several students provided statements regarding their feelings about returning to their classrooms:

  • “It feels good because it's nice to be on schedule and have in person teaching.”

  • “It is awesome. I can’t wait to go full time!!”

  • “I’m so happy to be back in school. I love my teacher. I wish we could go everyday.”

  • “It feels great to be back after all this time we have been looking into a computer!”

  • “I love being able to see my friends and teachers again.”

  • “It feels good being back in school, you get to see your friends and there is more participation in the class. It also is fun being able to go back to school after being home for so long.”

  • “l really like being in school. I think that it is better than being online. Thank you for having us back at school.”

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EHS Daffodil Princess Selected

Congratulations to Angelina Mireles-Mazza. She was selected as Eatonville High School's 2021 Daffodil Princess. Angelina, and candidates Katherine Lewis and Sarah Piper were all outstanding! Thank you to 2020 Princess Emily Frey and 2019 Princess Chloe Sawyer for their help in preparing this year's candidates and for their support. Angelina also serves as a student representative to the School Board. She is serving her second year in that position.
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Free Mobile Covid Testing Dates

Location: Eatonville High School: 302 Mashell Ave N, Eatonville

  • February 1st from 10:00am-3:00pm in Student Parking Lot
  • February 5th from 10:00am-3:00pm in Student Parking Lot
  • February 11th from 10:00am-3:00pm in Staff Parking Lot
  • February 12th from 10:00am-3:00pm in Staff Parking Lot

Forms Needed: The "Insurance" and the "Consent" forms (attached below the graphic) that anyone who wants to be tested needs to fill out. These forms will be available at the testing location or you may print them and fill them out in advance.

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President's Day

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Food Service

Grab & Go Meal News

Please be aware the Grab and Go Meal service needs to adjust due to the Hybrid models in place at all five schools.

Food Service will offer three bundles of breakfast and lunches every Wednesday at all five schools starting February 3rd.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider. Please view the entire statement by clicking this link.

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New Tents

Our Maintenance Department is hard at work installing tents on our school campuses to provide an outdoor learning environment. The tents were purchased with CARES act funds.
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Superintendent Bahr

Superintendent Bahr has been the Superintendent of Eatonville School District since 2013.