Team Diamond Be-Dazzled News!

October Achievements and November Excitement

I'm so thankful...

As we begin the month of Thankfulness I think it only right that I remind each and every one of you that this business is all about thankfulness! I am thankful for what this business has allowed me and my family to do. I am thankful for all the awesome hostesses and customers that I would have never met in my non-s&d life. I am thankful that this journey has led me to having a friendship with you! I can't imagine my life without my Stella sisters (it would not be near as sparkly!). Thank you all for everything you do for your business.

Top In Sales!

I'm so super proud of our Top Sellers this Month! You worked until the last day of the month to get where you wanted to be. Woohoo!

1. Lindsay Haygood- $4337

2. Melissa Villarreal- $1738

3. Melissa Carcano- $1715

4. Sandra Mercado- $1015

5. Luchi Macias- $1011

6. Carolina Rodriguez- $513

7. Ruth Pilarte- $501

Who Sponsored?

Ruth Pilarte - 1

Lindsay Haygood - 2

Who Launched Their Business?

Congratulations on launching your business this month!

Carolina Rodriguez

Angelina Martinez

Who is Wrapping Up the Season with Product Credits and Exclusives???

I cannot tell you how excited I am about the Wrap Up the Season Challenges!!! With the new levels....we can earn soooo much free product credit for the Spring release!!! Have you checked it out? Have you set your goal? Oh...and don't forget the fun party/photo shoot I'm throwing for earning that awesome bag (new level 3)!

Check out the Level 3 Bag and Level 4 Necklace. OOOOOHHHHHH....I can't wait to have them!!

Check out our Progress!

Take a peek at where we were after week 1 in October and where we all ended the month! I had to use smaller sticky notes because we have so many people working towards these awesome prizes! We have 4 fab gals that are over half way to level 1 and that $350 product credit! Woohoo! Can't wait to see where November takes us all!

Ready to Rock November???

The best part about a new month is getting to start fresh! Whether your October didn't quite turn out like you had hoped or you have taken the last season off due to a busy life...November is the start of a brand new business. Dust off your who do you know list and pick up the phone to book some awesome holiday shows! And...don't forget to attend a local meeting near your. I'm listing the Houston meeting, but if you live in other parts of the state/country I am happy to help you find the closest meeting to you.