Journey Through Sixth Grade

Week of February 8th

Things to look forward to...

  • February 10: Ash Wednesday Service, 9:10 am, Gym
  • February 11: Middle School Mix-It Up Lunch, 12-1 pm, Gym
  • February 12: Grandparents' and Special Friends Day, Concert Dress, School Dismissal at 11:00 am
  • February 12 & 15: Extended Programs Closed
  • February 15-19: Winter Break
  • February 16-19: Extended Programs Open
  • February 22: School Resumes

Grandparents and Special Friends Day!!!

We look forward to meeting grandparents and special friends on Friday, September 12th! There are no official classes, just mass, a tour and donuts! If your 6th grader is not bringing a special someone, they will stay with their advisor for the morning. Dismissal is at 11am.

The Egypt Cardboard Arcade Challenge has begun!

This week, math, history and advisory teachers are teaming up to give students the ultimate STEAM experience. Students are taking the information they learned from their Egypt research papers to create arcade games made completely from cardboard! In math class, they are taking their knowledge of scales to create blue prints for their plans. In advisory, students watched Caine’s Arcade which is what this project is based on!

On Wednesday, students will be building their arcade games and preparing for the actual arcade on Thursday!

Mix It Up at Lunch Day—Be Kind and Pass It On!!

This year, on Thursday, February 11, 5th graders will be hosting our 5th annual “Mix It Up at Lunch Day”—a national campaign launched by Teaching Tolerance over a decade ago. This year, over 2,700 schools across the nation have committed to host a Mix It Up at Lunch activity in order to challenge their students to cross social boundaries and share a meal with someone they may never have spoken to before.

We will celebrate the day by giving all middle-school students (grades 5-8) a free “mix it up” dress day on February 11. Students are encouraged to wear something that is entirely mis-matched as a reminder that we each have unique and colorful gifts to offer each other and the world. (Parents, please make sure their free dress choices are mixed up, yet still school appropriate!)

All 5th-8th graders will have lunch together in the gym. They will meet together first in family groups at their normal family meeting place, and their fifth grader will escort them to the spot in the gym where they will join another family group to “Mix It Up.” The two family groups will eat together and play ice-breaker games designed to create connection across grades and across group divisions. The 5th graders will also show some of their Great Kindness Project videos and encourage the entire middle school to participate in random acts of kindness throughout the rest of the school year!

If it is possible, please have your middle-schooler pack a lunch that day. (Although California Fresh will be available we are hoping to keep the line short!) As a special treat, the 5th grade class will be providing dessert for the occasion.

For more information on Mix It Up at Lunch day check out If you have any questions about the day contact Susan Reedy at

Lighting class with Mr. V (Technology)

Ask your student about the lighting and photography class with Mr. V!
They explored different kinds of photography lighting and effects. Including Fresnel lights, Chinese lantern, Bounce Board, colored gels, and Duvatyne (Black, felt-like material).