Panther Diary

Norfolk Jr. High school

By Justin

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Do it for the Vine!

Vine is a funny incredible app that you can make funny videos on so other people can enjoy.

Personally, I don't make any vines, I just watch them.There’s a lot of funny vines out there. People enjoy vine because of the famous viners. They become so popular, that the viners come on TV. It’s a fun app to enjoy. You should get this app.
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Henry Dudley Fell from 50 ft in the Sky

Henry Dudley sat on a wall in New Orleans, Louisiana one sunny morning.

While he was painting the logo of Michael Jordan on the New Orleans Wall, he got distracted by Bob, Ricky, and Taco, the three blind mice, when they were chasing after Grandma Martha. Henry slipped on the fresh red paint and fell from the wall. Henry Dudley fell from 50 ft. in the air and broke his pinky. He landed on top of Grandma Martha. Martha broke her ribs, neck, legs, and hands.
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Messi Close To Beating Record

Messi is one goal away to beat yet another record!

The record for most goals scored in La Liga was held for

60 years. The record was held by Telmo Zarra. The record

he holds is with 250 goals in La Liga. Messi just stands one goal away from beating the record. Lionel Messi plays for FC Barcelona. Telmo Zarra put the bar high for Messi, but yet he’s still close to beating it. Messi just keeps beating records. Telmo Zarra was one of the best soccer players in La Liga. Telmo Zarra had another record with 38 goals in a season, but Messi broke it in 2011-2012 with 50 goals a season. Messi has more than 400 career goals. After Messi beat a variety of records, he stands one goal away from beating another!
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Fast Furious 6

If you’re into action movies you should watch Fast & Furious 6. It’s a thrilling action movie. It’s when Toretto fights for his ex-girlfriend, Letty. He thought she had died, but it showed up she was still alive. Shaw took her when she was in the hospital. She had lost some of her memories. Shaw turns her bad. Toretto is trying to tell her that they used to be together, and that she's one of them. Letty doesn't remember anything, and she's surprised that Toretto knows a lot about her. It's an amazing movie.
Fast & Furious 6 Tank Car Chase

Justin Ramirez

Justin Ramirez was known as a famous soccer player who played with FC Barcelona and also played for Mexico National team. He studied at Norfolk High School in Norfolk, Nebraska. His first job was working at a shoe store. Then after finishing highschool, they gave him a scholarship to play soccer for the Huskers. He was a great soccer player and he was a transfer to the LA Galaxy. He played for that team, but in his 20s he was bought from FC Barcelona so he played for that team until he had to retire. After he retired, he went back to his hometown in Norfolk, Nebraska to be with his wife and his two children. He started to get grey hair. His hobbies was watching NBA, NFL, and the World Cup. He traveled to Europe, Mexico and South America. He owned a sports store.

Dream car

What is you dream car?
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