Greek Revolution

1821 - 1832

Greek War of Independence

Greece was fighting for their Independence starting in 1821 against the Ottoman Empire. This war lasted 8 long years with a lot of blood and struggle getting the Power the Greeks wanted. Finally in 1832, Treaty of Constantinople was granted to Greece to secure recognition as an independent sovereign empire.

Ottoman Empire: largest imperial projects during 5 centuries, ruling territories in North Africa, Balkans, and the Middle East.

Outsider's view: The outsider's, as in the people who weren't apart of Greece viewed the Ottoman Empire as a threat on stopping Islamic Civilization.

Insider's view: The insider's, as the people who were apart of Greece viewed the Ottoman Empire whom were not Muslims saw stability and Security.

Manto Mavrogenous

Manto Mavrogenous was the Greek Heroine in the Greek War of Independence. She was very wealthy and put her wealth towards the revolution by buying guns and donating money towards needs in the military. One big expense that she covered were the six ships with 50 men on each. She put together those ships, and also covered all the expenses for each ship. I believe people adored her because she was women taking care of the men during the Greek War of Independence.

"I Galanolefki" ( The Blue and White )

( The Blue and White ) flag was adopted in 1822. This flag has 9 horizontal blue stripes alternating with white stripes. The White Cross represents Eastern Orthodox Christianity, which is the Greek Religions, and the nine stripes represents the syllables of the phrase "Freedom or Death", or just "Freedom".


Kalavryta Monument

The Kalavryta Monument is located in the mountainous east-central part of Achaea, Greece. This Monument was built to show the Greek's independence. A special event happened when Greece received independence as the flag was raised when The Greek War of Independence was done in 1821.


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Hymn to Liberty

"From the Greeks of old whose dying

brought to life and spirit freenow with ancient valour risinglet us hail you, oh Liberty!"


The characteristics that are sang in the Hymn to Liberty is Freedom and Liberty. Their spirit is free from the Ottoman Empire and they are able to show Liberty as they can act as they please.