Your Perfect Life

The one you deserve

Are You Living A Recession Proof Life? If Not, WHY NOT?

What Does Anot her Way Of Life Mean To You?

A.W.O.L. means just that..Putting yourself in a position to Live Life by YOUR own design..Maybe you want to Travel the world? Maybe you want to live on a beach in the Carribean? Maybe you just want to Spend More time with the people YOU LOVE??

For me, I want to sail, travel wherever, whenever, ride my bicycle in all parts of the world. Spend time with my ever growing family and friends.

A few months ago I was struggling with making ends meet after a bad decision of leaving one job before securing the next one. But after discovering Project A.W.O.L. and this AMAZING community, my life changed, my dreams became a reality.


Our Community

Project A.W.O.L is a community like NOTHING You have ever seen before. We are focused on changing the lives of as man people as we posibly can through a "Laptop LifestyLE" that allows you to earn an income from ANYWHERE in the world!

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Project A.W.O.L Reality show

Recently Project A.W.O.L released a Reality Show during these episodes we show you EXACTLY how to implement the tools and strategies we use to Create our A.W.O.L. Lifestyle.

Inside you will get an up close and personal experience with some amazing people just like You who have made the decision to Get out of the "Typical" 9 to 5 and begin to build for themselves Another Way Of Life..

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How Do We Fuel Our Lifestyle?

So, How do we actually DO this? Well here is the amazing part! with the EMPOWER NETWORK viral blogging system , we have the tools, training AND the system that allows you to create your A.W.O.L

And with env2 soon to be released that will revolutionize online marketing.

Empower Network has produced more 6 figure MONTHLY earners than any other company in just a short amount of time!..I mean..If a 12 year old can do this ANYONE can do this!

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A 19 year old retires...and moves to Thailand