Land forms and Climate Zones

Creativity Intiative


Con- Possibly death because they cause title waves.

Pro- A place to sit and swim under the sun.


Pro- Have boats deliver goods and resources.

Con- There could be tidal waves.


Pro- There is fresh water to drink and use to your benefit.

Con- There are a lot of rapids and small waves. There is also rocks sticking out that can fall.


Pro- there is a low source of wild life so that we can go and explore.

Con- It is a barrier for transportation and housing.


Pro- Makes the soil very fertile and good for farming

Con- The lava can destroy people and homes in it's path.


Pro- it provides a great area for hiking and camping.

Con- It has little water and if it does it is muddy and undrinkable.


Con- easy to get lost when exploring or having an adventure.

Pro- a beautiful place to go and see on a vacation.


Pro- They around bodies of water for transportation and water.

Con- They have dangerous altitudes.

In Divergant there is a small cliff over looking a rocky river.


Pro- It is good for transportation and the importing of goods.

Con- Hurricanes often a cure here.


Pro- it is good for fishing and a source of food for the people who live there.

Con- That is where a lot of deadly animals live.


Pro- Canals can be a good source of transportation for humans and goods. It can also provide fertile soil/silt fro farmers.

Con- when ever a canals flood they can destroy and ruin important things.


Pro- Usually they have rivers running through them so you can get water or use as transportation.

Con- They are dangerous heights.


Pro- It is good for skiing and having fun with your family and they are good for hiking and hunting.

Con- It attracts avalanches which can cause great damage.


Pro- It connects countries together for transportation of goods and people.

Con- when boats are trying to get through it doesn't let them because it is a big block


Pro- It is a good spot for fishing and collecting food, You can also have fun with your family!

Con- when it floods it can cause damage to the houses and land forms around it.


Pro- it is a good source of food and activities.

Con- When it floods it can cause damage to houses and buildings around it.

In the Book Thief there is a river that the characters hang out at.


Pro- It provides many ways for transportation.

Con- That is where all the junk, mud, and dirt is.


Con- glaciers trap a lot of our fresh water.

Pro- drinking source for animals.


Pro- it gives boats a place to park their boats and swim.

Con- The boats and gas from the boats can harm the animals and wild life who lives there.


Pro- it provides water when it is dry and provides and area for animals to live.

Con- The water isn't clean to drink, you might get sick or ill.


Pro- you can go from a piece of land to a different land.

Con- it can block water transportation.


Pro- good source of food and swimming.

Con- it blocks of the ocean.


Pro- They are deep so it is warm down there for life.

Con- They are mostly out of human reach.


Pro- It can be a good place to go adventuring and exploring.

Con- there is little water and dangerous animals there.

Climate Zones

Tropical Rainforest

pro- There are a lot of diversity with animals and plants

con- There is a lot of floods because of rain.


pro- It is very diverse in animals and plants

con- It is extremely cold.


pro- There is the perfect temp. Medium amount of rain fall.

con- that it is always cloudy. Air pollution occurs there to.


pro- The grass is plentiful , rains a little more than deserts

con- It can get pretty dry, with out rain.

Marine West coast

pro- Your always by the ocean. It is perfect temp.

con- Mostly the same a year around.


pro- The animal life is very diverse and spread out.

Con- It can be very very dry there, so lack of water is normal.


pro- the grass is very green, so it rains a lot.

con- The air if very dense, It can be humid or cold drastically.

Tropical Savanna

pro- lots of diversity in the animals.

con- It can get really hot.

Humid Continential

pro- There are bodies of water for water. The grass is good for cattle.

con- But, to small for transportation.


pro- There is a lot of polar animals for and skins. good source of water.

con- It is very cold. Little trees grow there and little plants. Less oxygen.

Humid Subtropical

pro- There are a lot of trees for a lot of oxygen.

con- In the summer the humidity can rise fats and high and doesn't drop.

The End