My Personal Hero: Bill Gutierrez

By Nick Mastrapa

Bill Gutierrez

My Uncle Bill Gutierrez is a hero. As both a firefighter and a paramedic, he has saved countless lives in his line of work. I chose my uncle as my personal hero for that very reason. To wake up every morning to risk your life to save another’s is one of the most heroic things a person can do. Bill Gutierrez has saved injured people from car crashes, rescued people from dangerous fires, and even brought people back to life after having died. Firefighters and paramedics are not nearly appreciated enough. They deserve the highest level of respect.

Some people run from problems, others run to them.

Thank you Bill Gutierrez.

Thank you for risking your life to save other's.

Thank you for keeping people safe.

Thank you for being a firefighter.

For being brave and compassionate,

Selfless and determined,

Dedicated and devoted.

Thank you for being a hero.

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Bill Gutierrez (middle)

Nick Mastrapa
Mr. Boekman
Writing 8
January 28 2016

What is a Hero? describes a hero as a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. However, a hero is much more than that. A hero is someone who wakes up every morning to save lives. A hero is someone who puts their life in danger without think of themselves first. A hero is someone who runs into a burning building on the verge of collapsing in order to save someone whom they don't even know. Heroes are people who saves lives and are completely selfless.
A hero is my uncle who wakes up every morning knowing that his job could get him killed. Imagine running into a burning building is just another Tuesday. Why would someone risk their life to help another? Consider having dozens of people depending on you to save them everyday. Heroes always put others first, a hero does whatever it takes to save lives. They don't rescue people for fame or glory. Heroes don't always do it because they love the person in danger, they just do it. They don't think about it or second guess themselves. Heroes are people who just save lives to save lives.
A hero is someone who is selfless. Being selfless is to have little or no concern for themselves. A selfless person always puts other first. Selflessness is truly what makes a hero a hero. They don't do what they do for thrill, fame or for respect. They do what they do because they are selfless.
Heroes are people who saves lives and are completely selfless. A fireman is a hero, a soldier is a hero, my uncle is a hero. Bill Gutierrez is the captain of the Hollywood Florida fire department. He saves lives every day. He is a true hero.

Nick Mastrapa
Mr. Boeckman
Writing 8

Heroes Among Us

"I knew the people who worked for me. When you know people, you have to behave
towards them like human beings." In 1940, Oskar Schindler purchased a bankrupt enamel kitchenware factory and turned it into a bullet factory for the Nazis. Due to the Nazis, any Jewish people who were not work essential, were deported. Schindler then hired as many Jewish people as he could to staff his factory in order to save them from being deported (Almanac of Famous People). However this was just the beginning, Oskar Schindler would go on to save over a thousand jews from death camps like Auschwitz. Oskar Schindler was completely selfless and an absolute hero.

Oskar Schindler was selfless. A Contemporary Heroes and Heroines biography states that while Oskar Schindler was jailed for having relations with a black market dealer in 1944, many of the women and children who were supposed to come work for him in his factory were sent to Auschwitz instead. As soon as he got free from jail, he went straight to Auschwitz to save the women and children that were supposed to come work for him. He was able to convince the Nazis that woman and children were essential because only their small hands could polish the insides of bullet shells. If Schindler was caught bravely saving the innocent woman and children, he would have been killed instantly. In 1944 Oskar Schindler saved over 800 men by moving his factory to Brunnlitz, Czechoslovakia (Contemporary Heroes). All of these stories and dozens more are what make Oskar Schindler a hero. He was selfless and he saved lives. A true hero.

As a firefighter/paramedic, my personal hero Bill Gutierrez has saved countless lives. Gutierrez and Oskar Schindler share many similarities, but the two main heroic characteristics that they share is that they are both selfless, and they both save lives. Bill Gutierrez saves people from burning buildings and car crashes. While Oskar Schinder saved innocent people from Nazis. Bill Gutierrez and Oskar Schindler are both heroes because they put other's lives first and save them not for fame but because it's the right thing to do.

If my uncle Bill Gutierrez could meet Oskar Schindler I think they would become fast friends due to all of their similarities. They are both heroes. They are both selfless. Heroes can teach us a lot, If Oskar Schindler could give me advice I'm sure he would teach me to be selfless and put other's needs before my own. As I live my life I will certainly try to help as many people as I can by working at soup kitchens and donating to charity and try to be as heroic as both my uncle and Oskar Schindler.

Nick Mastrapa

Mr. Boeckman

Writing 8

March 9, 2016

Hero Project Paragraph

I chose firefighters and paramedics as my research project because my Uncle Billy is a firefighter/paramedic. He works everyday to save lives in Florida. Uncle Billy has pulled people from car crashes, saved people from burning buildings, and has even brought people back to life after dying right in front of him. I chose this as my topic because I believe firefighters and paramedics do not get enough respect. However, these heroes wake up every morning to save lives. Heroes always put other's lives first. They don't cower to the most dangerous of fires; they just bravely step into the flames to save as many people as they can. My Uncle Billy is a true, selfless, hero. For my project, I drew a picture to show how dangerous it is to be a firefighter and how they deserve the highest level of respect.

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